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Accounting Clerk Jobs in the USA


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Accounting Clerk Jobs in the USA

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Accounting Clerk Jobs in the USA

While accounting clerks typically do not need a college degree, they may need some postsecondary training in the subject area. They gain valuable on-the-job training and experience and may need to undergo formal classroom training as well. Accounting clerks should have basic computer skills, math skills, and experience with daily job functions.

Urgent Recruitment for Accounting Clerk

If you are looking for an entry-level job, but need to get paid more, then an Accounting Clerk is a good choice. They perform complex clerical and entry-level accounting duties and work closely with the Director of Accounting in fulfilling their day-to-day responsibilities.

The job offers competitive hourly pay, benefits, and more! Some examples of tasks include preparing daily backlog reports using IFS software, preparing supplier invoices and statements, reconciling bank accounts and general ledger postings, ensuring the database is accurate, comparing printouts to source documents, and compiling invoices and bills.

Job Description


An Accounting Clerk’s main duties are to review and maintain accounting records, calculate interest and charges on bank accounts, credit accounts, and loans, and reconcile financial statements. They also work with accountants and certified public accountants to produce financial reports on a regular basis.

An Accounting Clerk’s job description includes the duties that make this job so essential to any company. To learn more about the job and to find out how to get a job as an Accounting Clerk, read on!

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Robert Half Company

Robert Half is looking for an Accounting Clerk to work on an ongoing contract. Duties include matching invoices and batching transactions, resolving A/P issues, processing expense reports, and more. With an excellent attitude and a strong organizational skill set, this position offers many advantages to the right candidate.

Accounting Clerks are needed by various companies, from small to large, for a variety of different functions. Robert Half is looking for an Accounts Receivable professional to assist in preparing aging reports, placing billing and collection calls, and maintaining a cash receipt journal.

These positions also offer excellent workspace, great benefits, and opportunities for advancement. You should apply today! The Robert Half Company is looking for a highly qualified candidate for an Accounts Payable Clerk position.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Robert Half
Post Name Accounting Clerk
Qualification  1+ years of relevant experience
Industry Finance and Insurance
Employment Type Temporary
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $17.10 to $19.80 Hourly
Location Saint Louis, MO, USA 63101

An Accounting Clerk is a person who balances and posts accounts and reconciles bank statements and department records. This position requires advanced computer skills, as well as a thorough understanding of Microsoft Office applications.


In addition, an Accounting Clerk must be physically fit and able to lift and carry heavy items. As such, this position requires a great deal of walking and standing.

The duties of an Accountant Clerk include the analysis of financial statements, data entry, general ledger accounts, and daily sales and transactions.

They also have to possess strong knowledge of accounting principles. This position reports to the Accounting Manager and assists the company in any area of its business as directed by management.

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They also have the responsibility of reconciling accounts, verifying financial reports, and maintaining inventory records. To succeed in the position, it is necessary to possess strong computer skills and a high level of detail and integrity.


An accounting clerk’s role is not one to be taken lightly. Aside from keeping financial records, a good accounting clerk must have excellent communication skills. Accounting clerks are often required to communicate with various types of people, including clients and decision-makers.

They must also have excellent computer skills. You can take advantage of the training programs offered by private career colleges. Bridging programs are also available, and they can help you assess your education and skills.

Communication skills are crucial for an accounting clerk job. You must be able to understand complex issues, analyze related information, and implement solutions. Employers value employees who can work through tough situations and find solutions.

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There are many different job titles that can be ascribed to an accounting clerk, but the majority of these positions involve the same basic functions. In addition to maintaining financial records, clerks also prepare reports and reconcile bank statements.

Their responsibilities range from filing and structuring documents to reconciling accounts and updating company financial records.

Accountants and accounting clerks are both responsible for collecting and analyzing data, and they must adhere to ethical standards to work within the industry.

Accountants usually require a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, but some can perform their job duties with only a high school diploma. While account clerks perform basic bookkeeping, some also work in management accounting and taxation and are under the supervision of a CPA.

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Job Benefits

Some people decide to switch careers and become clerks, bookkeepers, or junior accountants instead. The benefits of these careers are significant, and a career in this field is an excellent choice for those who are interested in a lucrative career.

While accounting clerks work indoors in offices, they may have a home office or share an office with others. They may work in government, scientific, trade industries, or finance companies. They are often required to handle confidential information, display excellent math skills, and have high integrity.

Accounting clerks may also be required to work in various positions and industries, and be adept in the use of spreadsheets and databases. They may also be required to organize HR documents, such as payroll time sheets so that they are organized and easily accessible.


While the average salary for an accounting clerk is around $39,627 per year or $20.32 per hour, this figure can vary widely based on the level of education and experience. Many accounting clerks work a standard 40-hour week, but some work overtime.

This is particularly common during peak seasons, such as tax season, audit time, or the end of the fiscal year. Some positions require more work during specific seasons, such as those at malls, hotels, or resorts.

Salaries for accounting clerk positions can vary widely depending on the company, the area of specialization, and the specific position. Some companies pay their employees hourly, while others offer a salaried salary. Regardless of the salary you receive, it is important to know what you’re looking for in an accounting clerk job.

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