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Data Analyst Jobs in Canada


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Data Analyst Jobs in Canada

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Data Analyst Jobs in Canada


If you are interested in becoming a data analyst, you should consider applying for a job in Canada. This occupation is a highly-skilled position that demands a strong technical background, and there are many job opportunities available in Canada.

Urgent Recruitment for Data Analyst

With an increasing number of data analysts in the market, many companies are looking for new candidates to fill their Data Analyst roles. Data analysts should have advanced skills and knowledge in handling large amounts of unstructured data and analyzing predictive models.

Candidates should have a strong understanding of programming languages and algorithms and should be able to think critically and communicate well.

A Data Analyst applies tools to collect and analyze large volumes of data, presenting insights and assisting with data projects. Data analysts work across many industries and strive to improve their own systems and tools. Strong knowledge of MS Office applications is required, as well as an aptitude for rapid learning and adaptability.

A good Data Analyst should be able to communicate effectively with colleagues and work independently to produce meaningful insights. And if you have a passion for analyzing large datasets, you may be interested in pursuing a career in this exciting field.

Job Description


A data analyst’s job description is a key component of an information technology career. They perform a variety of tasks, including maintaining an inventory of all available data, proactively identifying emerging issues, and conducting complex analyses.

Data analysts are typically required to have strong SQL skills and experience with programming languages. They should also have expertise in Excel, PowerPoint, and other popular applications.

A Data Analyst applies various data tools to analyze information and identify security concerns. These professionals work with engineers, programmers, and management heads to develop strategies for data governance. They also write analysis reports so that stakeholders can understand the results of the analysis.

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A data analyst must be proficient in the MS Office suite of applications, and be able to learn new information systems and software. In addition to their analytical skills, data analysts need to be able to handle large amounts of data and work in a team environment.

KGS Research Company

If you’re looking for a remote job in Canada, you might be interested in the Data Analyst role at KGS Research Company. As a Data Analyst at KGS, you will work on a client project for one of Canada’s largest insurance companies.

You’ll have a chance to work with leading companies like TD Bank, Aviva, and BMO Financial Group. With a competitive salary and benefits package, this position is perfect for someone who is looking to make a difference in the insurance industry.

Job Details

Hiring Organization KGS Research
Post Name Data Analyst
Qualification University degree with 1-2 years of relevant work experience (fresh graduates welcomed)
Industry Technology
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $42,000 to $46,000 Yearly
Location Scarborough, ON M1B


If you’re looking for a career in data analysis, you’ve come to the right place. Data Analysts apply a wide range of tools and techniques to collect, organize, and analyze both structured and unstructured data.

They are also responsible for assisting with data project management. Data Analysts need to be proficient in the Microsoft Office suite of applications, and they must be willing to learn new software and information systems quickly.

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In addition to having strong technical skills, data analysts must have excellent leadership qualities. The skills required for this position include knowledge of database languages, statistical analysis software, and spreadsheet tools.

Additionally, candidates should have good communication skills. Data analysts must be well-versed in English and a second language. Data analysts with a background in any other field can also apply for the position.


The skills necessary to pursue a career as a data analyst are generally sought after in a wide variety of industries, including government, finance, consumer products, and non-profit organizations.

In Canada, a large portion of the workforce is made up of young people, and the skills required are widely compared to other industries. There are several distinct types of data analyst jobs in Canada. These positions may also involve contract work or part-time employment.

As a data analyst, you’ll often be expected to analyze large amounts of data and draw conclusions from the results. You’ll need to be able to focus on detail and be able to read complex code. You’ll need to be able to collaborate with both internal and external stakeholders, and you’ll also need to enjoy teamwork.

Some data analysts also manage other analysts and information technology staffers. In addition, you’ll need to be able to analyze complex data in order to make the best decisions possible for the company.

Once you’ve mastered basic Excel, you’ll need to learn more complex statistical analysis. Some data analysts also require knowledge of programming languages. If you’re comfortable with programming and XML, you’ll have an edge when it comes to securing a job.

Advanced analytics and modeling skills are also highly valued in data analyst jobs, and these skills are not common among data analysts.

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A career as a data analyst is not for the faint of heart. This career combines theory and practice to develop insight from data to help managers make more informed decisions. It often involves careful consideration of external and internal factors, including the competitive environment, business interests, and the absence of certain data sets.

The responsibilities of data analyst jobs in Canada include a wide range of duties, from interpreting statistical data to recommending organizational changes.

The first step in a data analyst job is to master SQL. It is a prerequisite for any data analyst position, so a candidate who is familiar with it is highly desirable. In Canada, data analyst jobs typically require extensive knowledge of statistical analysis software, and experience in coding Python.

Job Benefits

The data scientist field has an increasing demand in the world, with most of the population now having internet access to raw data. Data analysis professionals have an advantage in Canada due to the high demand for these professionals.

Compared to other countries, the salary for this profession is higher here. There are many advantages to becoming a data analyst in Canada. This job is ideal for those with a background in data science, such as people with strong programming skills.


The average salary for data analyst jobs in Canada is around $68,253 per year or $35 per hour. The average salary for data analyst jobs in Canada varies considerably depending on the number of years of experience and the company.

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