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Farm Supervisor Jobs in Canada


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Farm Supervisor Jobs in Canada

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Farm Supervisor Jobs in Canada


Are you in search of Farm Supervisor Jobs in Canada? You’ve come to the right place! Interested applicants should apply online, and we’ll help you with the process of finding the right position.

Urgent Recruitment for Farm Supervisor

The demand for agricultural products in Canada is expected to increase over the next decade and is particularly strong as the world’s population grows. This growth is likely to be fueled by the development of renewable energy, fiber, and chemicals, and agriculture is at the forefront of those efforts.

In spite of this, the number of agricultural jobs has been on the increase in recent years. In short, these jobs are hard to fill, but the demand for them is high. There are many different types of agricultural positions available for qualified candidates.

A farm supervisor oversees various jobs on a farm. The main duties of this position include coordinating basic farm workers, overseeing harvesting laborers, and monitoring the health of plants and animals.

In addition, farm supervisors are responsible for coordinating livestock-related programs, overseeing livestock-related programs, and keeping a close eye on plants and pets. The salary for a farm supervisor in Canada can vary depending on the type of farm or employer.

Job Description


A farm supervisor is responsible for overseeing a variety of farming operations. Their duties include overseeing a variety of tasks including crop and livestock production, maintenance of farm equipment, and quality control. They may also specialize in one type of farming such as dairy, poultry, beef, sheep, or specialty crops.

Depending on their area of expertise, they may also be responsible for general farm duties such as livestock care. As a farm supervisor, you will be responsible for establishing and maintaining work schedules, training employees on the farm, and ensuring health and safety procedures are adhered to.

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A farm supervisor’s responsibilities include ordering and maintaining inventory, communicating with grow managers and the farm owner and supervising harvest crews. The job description for this position includes training and supervising the performance of others on the farm.

In addition to supervising harvest crews, a farm supervisor also oversees crop production and may contract with independent owners. Lastly, they are responsible for implementing management policies and procedures to ensure the productivity of a farm.

Island Holdings Limited – Cavendish Farms Company

The company is a leader in frozen food and has state-of-the-art potato processing facilities. The Essential Job Functions (EJF) include induction, document review, identification of engine/component status, and review of documents.

If you have at least five years of experience in the food industry, this might be the right job for you. You’ll be working at one of the most prestigious food companies in the world.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Island Holdings Limited – Cavendish Farms
Post Name Farm Supervisor
Qualification 2 years of Farm Supervisory Experience.
Industry Agriculture
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $22 to $24 Hourly
Location New Annan, PE C0B 1M0


If you are interested in farming and would like to work in a farm setting, there are plenty of opportunities for you to find a Farm supervisor position.

The role requires you to oversee various operations on a farm and may include performing general farm duties such as overseeing workers, maintaining quality control records, and establishing schedules for work. You may also choose to specialize in a specific field, such as dairy, beef, poultry, sheep, or specialty farming.

Applicants seeking a Farm Supervisor position are encouraged to use resume templates or examples of similar positions to create their own Farm Supervisor resume. Examples of farm supervisor resumes will highlight their responsibilities, working relationships, and other aspects of farming and equine health.

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Many real-life examples will highlight the skills that you will need to be successful in the position. Other examples of resumes for the position include improving systems, recruiting and supervising staff, and managing special projects and programs.


Listed below are the skills required for a farm supervisor job. Some positions require specialized training or a college certificate, while others simply require experience and an understanding of agricultural practices.

Farm supervisors may specialize in one type of farm, such as beef, poultry, sheep, or vegetables, and they may be responsible for coordinating and supervising the work of farm laborers. If you’re interested in a farm supervisor job, consider getting trained in agricultural operations to learn more about this job.

In Canada, managers in agriculture often own their own businesses. They plan and supervise the tasks on a farm, and they are responsible for promoting the yield of a particular farm.

Many of these managers work on a family farm, and some specialize in particular crops or livestock. Once you’ve acquired the basic skills and knowledge needed for a farm supervisor job, you’ll be eligible for the immigration system as a foreign manager.


The Responsibilities of Farm Supervisor Jobs in Canada include managing the general operation of the farm, including planting and crop harvesting activities. They may also oversee the maintenance of the farm’s buildings, machinery, and equipment.

They coordinate with general farm workers, and may even travel to another farm to carry out job duties. In addition to overseeing farm workers, these supervisors may also be called upon to provide services, such as harvesting and weeding.

The Responsibilities of Farm Supervisor Jobs in Canada range from overseeing the daily work of the basic farm workers to maintaining quality control records. These positions can be specialized in particular fields, such as beef and poultry.

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Some supervisors even manage livestock-related programs. Others oversee plant and pet health. If you’ve ever wanted to manage an entire farm or oversee a group of workers, this may be the right career path for you.

The Responsibilities of Farm Supervisor Jobs in Canada include ensuring the health and safety of workers on a farm. These jobs can require long hours, and they’re on call twenty-four hours a day.

Farm supervisors may work up to 16 hours a day during busy times, but they’re often relieved by seasonal workers and outside input. The workload is often heavier than it appears, and it’s not always easy to predict the future.

Job Benefits

Applicants looking for farm supervisor jobs in Canada are eligible for a host of benefits. In addition to competitive salaries, Canadian farmers can expect free health care, accommodation, and food for their employees.

As a bonus, farm supervisors also receive two months of paid vacation. Moreover, farmers can apply for positions in large corporations. There are many ways to find farm supervisor jobs in Canada.

As a farm supervisor, you’ll be responsible for managing a diverse array of agricultural operations and overseeing daily activities. This job is highly responsible for maintaining accurate records and payroll, and you’ll be required to maintain health and safety regulations.

As a farm supervisor, you’ll also oversee the activities of the farm’s Farm Associates. The duties you’ll have as a farm supervisor range from overseeing crops to conducting bio-security procedures.


The average salary for farm supervisors is $37,013 per year or $18.98 per hour, with an average bonus of $1,541. Salaries range from $31,200 per year for entry-level positions to $48,750 per year for senior-level positions. The salary is projected to rise ten percent over five years.

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