Field Engineer Jobs in the USA

By | March 8, 2023

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Field Engineer Jobs in the USA

Field engineers perform a variety of tasks including maintaining and repairing machines. They use their engineering expertise to diagnose and repair problems in construction sites and machinery.

Some field engineers also consult with customers and suppliers on construction issues. This is a challenging, but fulfilling role. If you are looking for a career in engineering, consider a career as a field engineer.

Jobs for Field Service Engineer

Field Service Engineers travel to service sites and install or repair products. They typically have experience with networks, computerized security systems, and scientific instruments.

Their job description may be different depending on their company and the field of engineering they are in. Their salary range depends on the level of experience and their skill set.

A Field Service Engineer may work individually or as part of a team to install and repair equipment. Their activities help ensure that production machines function at peak performance and meet customer quality standards.

The most common tasks that they are responsible for include ensuring that machinery meets its schedule and quality requirements. In addition, they may be responsible for managing contract tendering processes.

A Field Service Engineer’s main focus is identifying and resolving equipment problems at customer sites. Their goal is to solve problems efficiently without disrupting the work flow of clients.

Although field service engineers seldom work under direct supervision, they may also oversee the work performed by technicians. As such, they must be self-motivated and capable of handling leadership roles.

Field Service Engineer jobs require an exceptional level of communication skills and must be prepared to travel to client locations. Some of these positions require overnight travel, while others require travel at irregular hours.

Field Engineer Job Description

Field engineers use their technical expertise to solve problems in various industries. Depending on their chosen field of engineering, they are responsible for overseeing installations of various technological systems on sites.

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They also come up with new ideas to improve productivity and efficiency. They work with site managers to coordinate projects.

Typically, a Field Engineer works on construction sites or manufacturing plants. They troubleshoot production problems by using scientific, engineering, and mathematical theories.

They also oversee the proper functioning of production plants. They have skills that make them a valuable asset to a company. They are also able to implement solutions and ensure the project meets safety standards and deadlines.

To qualify as a Field Engineer, you should have an engineering degree. Ideally, you’ll have a background in petrochemicals or mining. Experience in heavy industrial construction is also a must.

Lastly, you should have a good communication skills. As a Field Engineer, you’ll be required to attend weekly toolbox meetings and safety walkdowns.

Field engineers typically work in teams to complete their tasks. They may work with other engineers, clients, or customers. They will need to work with others on a daily basis, so strong teamwork and communication skills are essential to succeeding in this field.

Jobot Company

The Jobot Company offers field engineer jobs in the US and other locations around the world. To be eligible for field engineer jobs, you should have a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science or related field. You may also substitute years of relevant work experience.

The salary range will vary according to your location and experience. Some examples of duties are: analyzing code, assisting with customer support issues, and providing recommendations for hardware improvements.

The company has thousands of client companies in the USA. Using its proprietary AI software and experienced recruiters, it matches job seekers with companies in all types of industries.

This process results in better matches between candidates and clients, and saves both time and money. As a result, more people find good jobs with Jobot.

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How To Become A Field Engineer

Hiring Organization Jobot
Post Name Field Engineer
Qualification 5+ years experience in Heavy Highway & Heavy Civil or Industrial Mining Construction
Industry Private
Employment Type Full Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $90,000 to $120,000 Annually
Location Boise, ID, USA 83701

Field engineers work onshore or offshore, and have demanding schedules. The job can be challenging, but you’ll get the chance to travel the world and work in different climates. Field engineers also get a chance to see new landscapes, and you can choose your projects.

You can work for a company or go freelance. If you’d rather work for yourself, you can set your own schedule and choose which projects you want to work on.

To become a field engineer, you must have a degree in engineering or a similar field. Then, you must have a knack for problem-solving and be an excellent communicator. If you have these skills, you’ll be able to work with customers on a daily basis.

After you graduate, you’ll need to find a company that is hiring field engineers. As a field engineer, you’ll need to keep up with the latest technology in your industry. You’ll also have to keep up with training and education on the job.

Field Engineer Certification

Field Engineer jobs require a wide range of skills and knowledge. These engineers have to be able to communicate well and interact with clients.

Taking a communication course before applying for a field engineer job can increase your chances of being hired. Additionally, most employers prefer candidates with a clean driving record and a valid driver’s license.

Generally, a field engineer must have a degree in engineering or other engineering-related field. Senior positions often require additional certification. For beginners, additional credentials include a state license and the PE or FE certificate.

Obtaining certification in field engineering allows you to work in various environments. Field engineers can apply their skills in a wide range of situations, from simple repairs to complex installations. Field engineers need to be fast-thinking, confident and able to build rapport with customers. T

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he Field Engineer Certification course teaches these skills and combines interactive online learning with hands-on tools. The course also includes an industry certification, so that field engineers can use the skills they have learned.

The Field Engineer role requires extensive research, and a willingness to think outside the box. Field engineers also need to have excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work both independently and as a team.

Typically, field engineers work forty hours per week, with occasional overtime. The amount of traveling they do varies according to the project they are working on.

Field Engineer Salary

A Field Engineer salary in the USA can vary greatly based on experience, location, and skills. Some cities in the northeast or the southwestern United States pay more than others.

Salaries for a Field Engineer can vary depending on the employer, skills, and experience. However, the average starting salary is $68,391 per year or $35.07 per hour. With some experience, however, a Field Engineer can make as much as $100,000 per year.

And, the salary varies widely between states, so it is best to check with your company to learn what your salary would be if you move to another state.

Field engineers are entitled to overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Because their jobs are vital to oil and gas company safety, they often work more than 40 hours per workweek.

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