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Histotechnologist Jobs in the USA

Whether you’re a medical student looking to make a career change or you’re a healthcare professional looking for a new job, there are many Histotechnologist Jobs in the USA available. However, before you can start looking for these positions, you need to know what a Histotechnologist is, what a job description looks like, and what you can expect to earn.

Histotechnologist Jobs

Known as histologic technicians, these medical workers have the ability to perform a variety of complex procedures using dyes and chemicals. They also make tissue samples visible using microscopes. These individuals can work for pharmaceutical companies, research laboratories, forensic laboratories, and hospitals.

Histotechnologists play a crucial role in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. They may also lead to groundbreaking discoveries in the medical field. Some histotechnologists are even known to perform more sophisticated techniques, such as immunohistochemistry staining. Histotechnologists can also be found working in private laboratories.

Histotechnologists usually work in clinical pathology laboratories, hospitals, and physicians’ offices. These professionals are responsible for preparing tissue samples for pathologists to examine. They may perform microtomy, microscopy, and routine and special staining.

They may also perform a number of laboratory tests, such as triage, decalcification, and triage. They are also responsible for maintaining and storing slides. They are also required to follow certain health regulations.

Histotechnologist Job Description

Histotechnologists prepare tissue samples for microscopic examination. They work in hospitals and medical laboratories. They may also help to conduct research studies. Histotechnologists may also be involved in preservation of tissue specimens.

Histotechnologists are in high demand. This is because the medical industry is facing a shortage of technical talent. Obtaining a degree or certification can help to ensure your career advancement. The demand for histotechnologists is expected to grow more rapidly over the next decade.

Histotechnologists must have strong fine motor skills and a good knowledge of biology. They must also have an understanding of chemical reactions and how they affect tissues. They must also be detail-oriented. They must be able to communicate effectively with patients and other staff.

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Histotechnologists work in an office-style environment. Their job requires them to process large amounts of samples quickly. They may also work with hazardous materials or infectious diseases. He or she may be required to wear special clothing or equipment to avoid contamination.

Jobot Company

Among the myriad of Histotechnologist jobs in the USA, one might be lucky enough to find the following atop the list of finalists. To be fair, the job is a little on the small side, but it offers a hefty pay bump. With a hefty pay bump comes perks, and you’re not likely to find a better work environment in your city of residence.

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Besides, this is a CLIA certified clinical laboratory, meaning you’ll be working in a highly regulated environment. Among other things, you’ll be required to adhere to health and safety regulations. Besides, the company is well-funded and has a savvy management team. Its motto is “No matter what we do, we’ll do it well.”

What is a Histotechnologist

Hiring Organization Jobot
Post Name Histotechnologist
Qualification Knowledge of laboratory techniques
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $27.27 to $57 Hourly
Location Aliso Viejo, CA, USA 92637

Generally, histotechnologists are trained and qualified to perform various laboratory techniques. They also understand the chemistry involved in processing and preserving tissue samples. Their knowledge and experience allow them to help diagnose diseases and develop new treatments for them.

Histotechnologists may work in laboratories, clinics, or physician offices. They can also be involved in research studies or forensic pathology. In addition to their education and training, histotechnologists have to adhere to high standards of patient care.

The field of histotechnology is a hands-on job, which means histotechs must pay close attention to scientific processes and laboratory techniques. They must be able to process and preserve tissue specimens using techniques that will allow them to identify cell structures and distinguish the structures of different tissues.

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Histotechnologists often work with chemical solutions and are frequently exposed to instruments and equipment that are delicate and automated. They also need to understand the steps that are involved in processing medical specimens, and how to prevent them from being damaged or decomposed.

Histotechs must also master the art of embedding tissue samples into paraffin wax blocks. This allows them to produce fine slices of tissue for microscopic examination. Histotechs may also use chemical dyes to illuminate the structures of the tissues.

How To Become A Histotechnologist

Several education programs are available for aspiring histotechnicians. They include degree programs, certificate programs and on-the-job training. The educational requirements and certification requirements vary by state.

Students interested in a career as a histotechnologist need to complete a bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry, math or a related field. They may also choose to pursue an associate degree in histotechnology. A certificate program is also available, but its requirements are higher.

To become a histotechnologist, you must have a bachelor’s degree and a certification from a program that is accredited. Some states also require licensing, which involves fees, exams, and other requirements.

Histotechnology plays an important role in the medical workflow. Histotechnicians are trained to perform complex procedures that involve processing body tissue. They identify cell structures, analyze tissues, and prepare samples for teaching, research, and testing.

Typical histotechnicians work in clinical pathology laboratories, but they may also work in research laboratories or pharmaceutical companies. Histotechnicians may be involved in immunohistochemistry, cytopathology, or immunochemistry.

The educational and training requirements for histotechnicians vary by state. In some states, histotechnicians are classified as medical laboratory scientists, and they need to complete a training program and pass a state-specific licensure exam.

Histotechnologist Certification Programs

Getting certified as a histotechnician is a good step towards a career in the field of histotechnology. It gives the opportunity to work in a lab setting, which can lead to better employment opportunities.

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Histotechnologists prepare and analyze human or animal tissue samples for microscopic diagnosis. They may also prepare frozen tissue sections. These sections can be used during a patient’s surgery. Their job requires adherence to procedures and a clean workspace.

The first step towards becoming a histotechnician is to earn a high school diploma. Students can also apply for an associate’s degree or certificate program. The length of the program varies. Most students will complete a degree in one to two years, while those who opt for a certificate program may finish in as little as nine months.

The American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) offers certification. This certification indicates that a student has demonstrated a high level of knowledge and has met national standards. It can help increase your chances of getting a better job and better pay. Getting certified also provides a stamp of approval.

To obtain the certification, students need to complete an accredited histology program and then work one year in a histopathology laboratory in the United States. Students should also contact their state’s licensing board to find out if they are eligible for a license.

Histotechnologist Salary

Depending on where you live, your Histotechnologist salary can vary. You can expect to make up to $78,745 per year in San Francisco. The average salary of a Histotechnologist in the United States is about $58,875 per year or $30.19 per hour. There are some states that require Histotechnicians to be licensed. Some healthcare employers are looking for Histotechnicians with certification.

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