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Housekeeper Jobs in Canada


Work and Live in Canada

Housekeeper Jobs in Canada

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Housekeeper Jobs in Canada


Looking for Housekeeper Jobs in Canada? If you’re looking for a position that will keep you active, you’ve come to the right place. Many people are surprised to learn that housekeeping keeps the body moving.

Sitting for long periods of time at a desk can be unhealthy. Luckily, housekeeping jobs in Canada don’t require long hours or much training. Just follow these tips to land a great housekeeping job!

Urgent Recruitment for Housekeepers

Are you looking for an urgent Housekeeper job in Canada? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. The country is known for welcoming immigrants, with the goal of inviting several new residents. There is a need for housekeepers in every province and territory in the country, and this job is one of the most in-demand ones in the country.

Housekeepers can work in many different settings, including private residences, hotels, and other hospitality industries. Common job roles include general housekeeping, room service, and laundry. The job requires attention to detail and a knack for cleaning messes.

Those interested in this field are advised to have some experience in a housekeeping position. To become a successful housekeeper in Canada, you must be motivated and have a high level of customer service skills.

Job Description


A housekeeper is an individual who provides personal and housekeeping assistance to clients. Housekeepers work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, private residences, and offices. Some housekeepers also do routine health-related tasks, such as refilling toiletries and equipment.

The Housekeeper job description in Canada includes a list of the duties that a housekeeper performs. A housekeeper will be responsible for keeping a space clean, tidy, and pleasant to live in. Duties also include replenishing supplies, cleaning and maintaining equipment, and ensuring that the property is well-maintained.

Education and training for housekeepers vary in Canada. While most immigrants need a high school diploma, they can also show experience in housekeeping or home management. A few jobs require a college degree.

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Regardless of where you are from, housekeepers in Canada typically need to have a high school education, and some even require a college degree. However, if you are willing to work for the right employer, a housekeeper job in Canada can be quite rewarding.

Symphony Senior Living Company

The Symphony Senior Living Company is looking for people to help maintain the quality of life for its residents. They provide 24-hour non-medical care, including assistance with ADLs (activities of daily living) and medication management.

Housekeepers help residents with daily living activities such as eating, dressing, bathing, and transferring. The Symphony Senior Living Company also offers transportation, laundry, and housekeeping services.


The Symphony Senior Services residence has different rooms for its residents, each with a different level of care. The rooms range from standard to luxurious, so they need housekeeping professionals with experience in senior living.

This job requires some basic housekeeping skills, including knowledge of food preparation. The average salary for housekeepers in this area is $5,350 per month.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Symphony Senior Living
Post Name Housekeeper
Qualification Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
Industry Housekeeping
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary CA$15.62 Hourly
Location Orléans, ON, Canada K1A 0E7


A Housekeeper is a person who cleans and maintains a residence or a business. Depending on the type of position, housekeepers may perform various tasks, such as making beds and washing recipes. Some also perform routine health-related tasks under the direction of a home-care supervisor.

These workers also provide companionship to individuals. They may prepare meals and feed customers or assist them in doing so. To be considered for this position, applicants must have a high school diploma or GED certificate. Additionally, they must be physically fit and have experience in working alone or with a team.

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A Housekeeper’s main duty is to maintain a home or business in a neat and pleasant state. The job description clearly specifies the types of properties they are responsible for, as well as their working experience and expertise.

A Housekeeper should also be aware of any unique skills that may be required, as well as the location and hours of operation.


Generally, you can apply for a housekeeper job in Canada if you have a high school diploma and some housekeeping experience. Many positions require you to have basic cleaning skills, including using cleaning chemicals and equipment.

Other skills you’ll need include physical strength and an awareness of the English language. You’ll also need to be able to communicate with people and ensure that a property is allergen-free.

A housekeeper job in Canada can be very lucrative, but you will need to position yourself in such a way that you can get hired by the right employer. If you want to enhance your prospects, you can take training courses or obtain relevant certifications. Some employers require fluency in a second language.

In addition to a high school diploma, you’ll need to know how to clean and maintain an apartment, a condominium, or a house. While there are no specific educational requirements for a housekeeper job, many employers prefer applicants who have a high school diploma.

Many housekeeping jobs also require on-the-job training, but it doesn’t hurt to have some formal education. If you’re looking to advance your career, you may want to earn a bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree in housekeeping.


There are many opportunities for housekeeper jobs in Canada. The key to landing the ideal position is positioning yourself for the position. You can pursue training or certifications in your chosen field to make yourself more marketable to potential employers.

Some employers require you to be fluent in another language, so make sure to mention any other relevant qualifications in your resume. A housekeeper’s responsibilities would involve cleaning and maintaining guestrooms.

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They’d also be responsible for estimating the cost of essential repairs and providing companionship to customers. Depending on the type of housekeeping job, you might also be required to provide health care services or assist with a consumer’s personal wellness.

Job Benefits

If you’re looking for a job with a flexible schedule and a variety of responsibilities, one of the benefits of a housekeeper job is the flexibility of working at different locations. Most housekeeping jobs require workers to work for at least 90 days before they become eligible to join a union.

As an added benefit, housekeepers can often stay in discounted rooms at their work sites. Discounted rooms can be used for vacations, business trips, and more.

Many people find housekeeping jobs very rewarding because of their flexibility. The majority of housekeepers work 40 to 48 hours a week. Some work overnight or rotate between day and night shifts.

Many hotels and resorts offer paid holidays and vacations to their employees. Some hotel chains also offer retirement benefits. Once you have gained experience, the benefits of a housekeeper job are many.


If you have a knack for cleaning and sanitizing, you could earn a very decent salary as a housekeeper in Canada. This job typically pays an average of $30,720 per year or $15.75 per hour and requires you to maintain the cleanliness of the surroundings. A housekeeper’s salary depends on the experience and the type of company you work for.

You could earn much more if you have training in other areas of housekeeping. First, you should know that housekeepers in Canada are in high demand. Most of them are hospitality-related, and some require college degrees and other qualifications.

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