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IT Administrator Jobs in Canada

Are you interested in finding IT Administrator Jobs in Canada? Then read this article! You’ll learn about the newest IT Administrator Jobs in Canada! Ontario Inc. company is seeking to fill an urgent IT Administrator position. Read on for the Job Description and Company Details! Now, let’s move on to the next step: Apply!

It’s a great time to find an IT Administrator Job in Canada! Canada is a country with a growing economy and a fast-growing labor market. With the intention of bringing over one million immigrants in the next few years, the demand for network administrators is higher than ever.

Urgent Recruitment for IT Administrator

If you are interested in IT Administration jobs in Canada, the most pressing need is for database administrators. Database administrators oversee database systems, analyze data, and conduct data mining. These professionals often oversee teams and coordinate with other workers in the group.

They may also develop and implement data standards and policies. These IT Administrator jobs require strong analytical skills and people skills.

In addition, they must have strong problem-solving skills and excellent communication skills. In addition, they must be able to read basic network diagrams and evaluate technology to effectively meet the needs of the business.

Job Description

IT Administrators have a wide range of responsibilities, depending on their role. At a large Canadian construction company, they ensure that IT needs are met. They also recommend new systems, troubleshoot operational issues, and help users.

They work in three different industries: health, construction, and hospitality. A typical IT Administrator job description in Canada includes the following duties:

The IT Administrator role requires a wide range of skills and knowledge. They must be able to use scripts and diagnostic tools to solve problems. The job description also includes a brief overview of the job duties, the responsibilities of an IT Administrator, and details of the software and hardware that must be managed.

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Ideally, the IT Administrator should be able to use a variety of tools and languages to do their job. A good IT Administrator job description includes several tasks, including monitoring, logging, and troubleshooting.

Computer networks and servers are at the heart of any company’s technological advancement. An IT Administrator has a broad knowledge of computer networks and the associated hardware, software, and security.

They also have the necessary skills to troubleshoot and install computers and software. They work with security networks and hardware, and may even deal with software upgrades and server management. Overall, this job is an essential part of a company’s technology.


IT administrators at ONTARIO INC Companies can have varied responsibilities. These professionals need strong technical knowledge and experience in security, collaboration, and communication. Moreover, they must have strong time management skills.

This article explains what an IT administrator does in this job and how you can land one. The following are some of the key traits of a successful IT administrator. Read on to discover the various roles available with ONTARIO INC Company IT administration jobs in Canada.

Job Details

Hiring Organization ONTARIO INC
Post Name IT Administrator
Qualification Possess 2 years or more experience in the network administrator role
Industry Technology
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary CA$40,000 to CA$55,000 Annually
Location Oakville, ON, Canada L6K


The ideal candidate would be an IT Administrator who has experience in the field and can work remotely. He/she should have 5+ years of experience, have knowledge of cloud technologies and Kubernetes cluster management, and have excellent communication skills.

Knowledge of French is a plus, and he/she should be legally entitled to work in Canada. Interested candidates should apply online or through other means to be considered for this position.

This position might be located at home or in a remote location and is responsible for the development and maintenance of company servers, active directories, printer queues, and other network platforms.

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In addition, these administrators are responsible for assisting users with incident tickets. In some organizations, a Senior IT Administrator is required. This position generally requires at least five years of experience. Those with a master’s degree may also apply for it.


Computer technicians and system administrators in Canada are in high demand. The country has thriving tech hubs and a good pay scale. It’s not uncommon for experienced systems administrators to earn more than $80,000 a year.

Permanent residents also enjoy free universal healthcare and public education. Depending on the company, you can even obtain a Canadian work visa while in school. And there are many other reasons to consider working in Canada.

Communication skills are essential. They help systems administrators identify problems and find solutions. They also need to know how to communicate complex financial concepts and scenarios to others. Communication skills can be honed through practice and feedback from peers.

Ideally, you should develop these skills throughout your education. But it’s possible to train yourself. If you haven’t already, try a few internships during your undergraduate studies. This can help you gain practical experience in the field and learn about its responsibilities.

Computer system administrators work in a computer room or on remote sites. Some systems administrators manage entire departments of IT staff, while others work alone. In general, they work during regular weekday business hours.

But they may need to work on the weekends or during the evenings to finish certain projects. These hours are often long and demanding. However, it’s worthwhile to invest in a quality training program to prepare for such an intense work environment.


In addition to overseeing the daily operations of computer networks, IT administrators are responsible for developing organizational security policies and procedures. This type of job requires a combination of soft skills and hard skills to ensure optimal performance.

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IT administrators work in a wide range of industries and may overlap with a systems administrator in some cases. The position is also rewarding. In Canada, there are numerous small and medium-sized businesses that need the services of a network administrator.

A successful IT administrator job requires an excellent knowledge of networking, systems administration, and networking security. They must also have excellent communication skills and a positive attitude to succeed in this job. They must also be legally permitted to work in Canada.

Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree or professional qualification in information technology. A recent graduate who is interested in pursuing a career in this field should consider the above educational requirements.

Job Benefits

As an IT professional, you may enjoy a challenging and rewarding job. In Canada, you can earn up to $70,000 annually, which is higher than the average salary for the same position in the United States.

Depending on your industry, experienced administrators can also expect to earn higher salaries. The benefits of these jobs are many, and you will be working in a fast-growing field. Benefits administrators also have flexible schedules, so you can work from home when you need to.


Salary for IT administrator jobs in Canada is relatively high and varies depending on experience and location. In Canada, the average gross salary for an IT administrator is $70,000 per year or $35.90 per hour. Entry-level positions pay around $52,500 per year, while senior positions can earn up to $90,000 per year.

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