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Library Assistant Jobs in Canada


Work and Live in Canada

Library Assistant Jobs in Canada

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Recruitment for Library Assistant Jobs in Canada


The library assistant is a position that requires minimal training and is a great entry-level position for someone new to the country. Candidates who relocate to Canada and want to work as librarian assistants will find many opportunities to choose from. 

Library assistants can work in public and private libraries. They are responsible for keeping the interior of the facility neat and well-organized by taking care of shelving, storing equipment, and sorting items. Employees can also perform other clerical tasks such as answering calls, making appointments, and filing records. Candidates for a career in the field must be able to work independently and without supervision to perform their duties effectively.

A library assistant is a person who helps students and other patrons find information. They check out books, organize materials on shelves, and prepare overdue notices and fees.

This person also processes new materials and maintains inventory records. Other duties may include assisting students with research projects and organizing special library projects. A Library Assistant also experiences frequent interruptions. This job description is a good reference for a library assistant. It lists the duties of a Library Assistant.

Library assistants have many job opportunities available to them both locally and overseas. In most instances, they are responsible for doing clerical duties while working under the guidance of a qualified person.


Because library assistants usually do not have a lot of formal training, they must have a lot of good general English skills in order to be competitive in their positions. Good English skills make it easier for library assistants to communicate with their clients and perform their duties successfully. Courses in basic English grammar and conversation skills are also beneficial.

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Job Qualifications

Some libraries require library assistants to have experience in information services, archives, and libraries. However, some positions may require GCSEs or equivalent, or even experience in customer service, administration, or IT. Others may require A-level qualifications, or specialized knowledge to excel in the role.

A library assistant must possess a wide range of skills. These skills range from applying basic knowledge of library reference sources to performing routine and repetitive tasks. The majority of assistants work under close supervision and must adhere to established procedures.

GCSEs are a prerequisite for some library assistant jobs. Other experience in customer service, IT, or administration can also be an asset. As a general rule, however, most assistant jobs require some form of specialized knowledge.

Many assistants learn on the job, although some libraries are willing to hire a high school student. For more advanced positions, such as librarian or library technician, an associate degree is necessary. This degree usually includes courses in cataloging principles, automated services, and references. In addition to computer knowledge, a library assistant should also have excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.

A library assistant must be friendly and polite. They must use a proper tone when talking to customers. They should also be skilled in negotiating, instructing, persuading, and interacting with other departments. In addition, a library assistant must be knowledgeable about the nature of the materials they handle. This means having a solid understanding of how to use reference sources. 

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Aside from being friendly, a library assistant must be able to speak clearly and kindly with others. Good listening and speaking skills are essential for this job. They should also be able to deal with the public, interpret information systems, and use appropriate tone and terminology. If they need to find something, they should be able to find it.

Job Duties

A library assistant performs a range of routine and repetitive tasks in support of the overall operation of a library. These activities include shelving and inventory management, book and resource retrieval, sorting, dispatching, and filing. They also assist staff and patrons in locating information and resources and patrol the library to ensure all rules are followed.

Some other job duties include training and assisting other library staff members, as well as performing clerical work associated with cataloging and acquisition functions.

The job responsibilities of a library assistant vary, but most of them are related to the organization of the library. Typical duties include instructing patrons on reference sources and automated information systems. Other responsibilities include inspecting and evaluating returned materials, entering skeleton bibliographic records, resolving common errors, and establishing effective working relationships with other library staff and patrons.

A library assistant performs a variety of other duties. They may help patrons locate information and books, organize items on shelves, and supervise other library staff. A librarian can also work on weekends and holidays, and they may have to work in different locations at various times. This position requires flexibility and a willingness to take on a variety of tasks. A librarian should be familiar with computer programs and be able to perform basic data entry.

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A library assistant is also responsible for sorting books, assisting patrons with self-check systems, and organizing and maintaining the library’s collections. They also supervise lower-level assistants in sorting books and other materials. They may supervise the unloading and loading of materials and assist with circulation and arranging book displays. In addition to these tasks, they may also supervise other positions.

How much does a Library Assistant make in Canada?

A library assistant’s salary is dependent on their experience. Entry-level positions for a library assistant will make between $35,000 and $41,000 per year. The average pay for a Library assistant in Canada depends on their years of experience and location. However, it varies from one job to another and location. 

The average pay for a Library Assistant in Canada is $41,101 per year. This is about $22.53 an hour. The range for a Librarian in Edmonton AB is $35 per hour.

In Edmonton AB, a library assistant earns an average of $63,884 per year. In Toronto, the highest-paid library assistants earn between $44,255, according to the 2021 Wage and Salary Survey.

However, in Edmonton AB, a library assistant’s salary is higher than the average in other provinces. The daily median salary for a library assistant in Edmonton AB is $357.




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