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Maintenance Supervisor Jobs in the USA


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Maintenance Supervisor Jobs in the USA

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Maintenance Supervisor Jobs in the USA


Maintenance Supervisors are required to be flexible with their schedules and may work long hours or on a rotating shift schedule. The ideal candidate must have good time management skills and be able to demonstrate their organization and interpersonal skills.

The position can be very rewarding and can offer a steady income. However, there are many things to consider before applying for a maintenance supervisor job.

Hiring For Maintenance

Hiring for a maintenance supervisor position may be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. While many employers prefer candidates with post-secondary degrees, there are many opportunities available for people without these credentials.

As long as they have experience in the field and can demonstrate leadership skills, employers may be willing to hire someone without a degree who has demonstrated success as a maintenance technician.

This position requires at least two years of experience in the field. An education in mechanical or electrical engineering is beneficial, but is not required. A high school degree is not necessary – an associate’s degree is enough.


Maintenance supervisors work in teams and are responsible for organizing, training, and supervising the maintenance workforce. These professionals also oversee other workers, including technicians, who perform tasks in the field.

In addition, they also prepare maintenance schedules and ensure that all employees follow procedures. They also inspect facilities regularly to determine if they need repairs. They may also provide advice on hiring staff and enforce good record-keeping.

Maintenance Supervisor Job Description

Maintenance supervisors are responsible for setting shift schedules and ensuring projects are completed on time. They also ensure that workers follow company policies and OSHA safety regulations. Many organizations look for employees with hands-on experience to promote into supervisory roles.

Depending on the company, a Maintenance Supervisor Job Description in the USA could involve overseeing a team of technicians. They supervise the tasks of these technicians, provide detailed instructions and pitch in when necessary.

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They may also oversee the maintenance of a city’s public fleet. A Maintenance Supervisor also communicates with building occupants and addresses issues that may arise.

Typically, a Maintenance Supervisor is a middle manager. They manage teams and delegate tasks to them. They may report to a vice president of operations or another company executive.


Maintenance supervisors are accountable for meeting key performance indicators, such as equipment uptime, schedule compliance, and safety metrics. Some types of Maintenance Supervisors specialize in building maintenance and oversee the purchase of materials.

Jobot Company

Maintenance supervisors oversee the maintenance and repair of industrial machinery and equipment. They ensure that the process is followed according to standards and policies.

They also manage and oversee the work of various contractors and vendors. They must have excellent decision-making skills. This job is ideal for those with experience in maintenance or repair of industrial machinery.

Maintenance Job Duties

Hiring Organization Jobot
Post Name Maintenance Supervisor
Qualification Ideal candidate must speak Spanish and have 2 years experience as a Maintenance Supervisor working with electrical and mechanical machinery.
Industry Private
Employment Type Part Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $80,000 to $95,000 Annually
Location Napa, CA, USA 94558

Maintenance workers perform preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, and predictive maintenance tasks to keep equipment running properly.

These workers are expected to have exceptional communication and organizational skills, be good at problem-solving, and have a working knowledge of various equipment, basic tools, and appliances. They also perform routine inspections of equipment and buildings.

Maintenance repair workers typically work with heavy equipment and work in hot and dusty environments. Some maintenance workers may also be required to work in the field.

Electricity grid maintenance workers, for example, spend much of their time working outdoors and require extensive electrical knowledge. They also require specialized safety training. Maintenance workers may work on large-scale projects, such as repairing faulty air conditioning systems.

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Skills For Maintenance Supervisor

The skills a maintenance supervisor needs to be a success include the ability to manage others and to set shift schedules. In addition, a supervisor must be able to evaluate work sites and ensure that teams adhere to safety regulations and company policies. A maintenance supervisor must also have excellent organizational and communication skills.

Maintenance supervisors are responsible for maintaining equipment, facilities, and other systems of an organization. They ensure that company operations run smoothly. They must also be knowledgeable of safety procedures and be able to communicate with vendors effectively.

This is an important skill because many maintenance supervisors work with vendors. These individuals need to be able to manage these relationships and learn about the different types of products.

While many employers prefer maintenance supervisors with post-secondary education, there are employers who will consider candidates without a degree if they have the right experience and leadership qualities.

In addition, some maintenance supervisors have been promoted from the role of a maintenance technician. In this situation, hands-on experience is also an important factor for many organizations.

Maintenance Supervisor Responsibilities

As a Maintenance Supervisor, you will be responsible for supervising a team of maintenance professionals. This group is responsible for ensuring that repairs are made on schedule and in accordance with company policies.

You will also be responsible for ensuring that maintenance workers follow company safety standards and comply with legal regulations. In addition, your role will also include overseeing the team’s productivity and work standards.

If you are interested in applying for one of these jobs, you can start your search by pursuing a certification or degree. However, you must bear in mind that experience in the field is required.

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As a Maintenance Supervisor, you will be responsible for setting and managing shift schedules, evaluating projects, and ensuring that they meet their deadlines. You will also be responsible for ensuring that team members follow company policies and OSHA safety regulations.

How To Be A Successful Maintenance Supervisor

Being a maintenance supervisor requires the right technical skills to manage a team and maintain complex plant systems. You must also have strong leadership skills, be able to resolve conflicts among team members, and handle different temperaments.

Good leadership skills are important for this position, but you don’t necessarily have to have a college degree. Many employers will hire a supervisor without a degree if you have the necessary leadership experience.

A maintenance supervisor must have a strong understanding of building maintenance, repairs, refurbishments, and cleaning. Moreover, he or she should also possess extensive knowledge of health and safety regulations.

This person is responsible for organizing daily cleaning activities, supervising all repairs, and enforcing good record-keeping practices.

One of the most important skills to be a maintenance supervisor is good communication skills. Supervisors spend most of their time directly managing workers.

They must be able to communicate instructions clearly to staff members. Their job will also require them to be responsible and efficient, which means being able to make decisions quickly is crucial.

Maintenance Supervisor Average Salary

Maintenance Supervisor makes on average of $58,506 per year or $30 per hour. The job also involves various responsibilities, including human resources, recruitment, and implementation of internal policies and software. The salary for a Maintenance Supervisor varies across industries.

Some employers prefer candidates with post-secondary education, while others may hire someone without a degree if they have the right experience and a good track record. Many organizations are also looking for supervisors who have hands-on experience.

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