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Marketing Analyst Jobs in Canada


Work and Live in Canada

Marketing Analyst Jobs in Canada

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Marketing Analyst Jobs in Canada


Marketing Analyst jobs are available in Canada. They generally pay above-average salaries and can be found in any sector of the economy. As a result, these jobs are in high demand in Canada.

If you are interested in marketing analyst careers, this article will provide you with some information about this job. Moreover, it will provide you with information on the job description.

Marketing Analyst Jobs

If you’re looking for Marketing Analyst Jobs in Canada, you’ve come to the right place. The job of a marketing analyst is relatively lucrative, and you’ll be able to work set hours, take Saturdays off, and enjoy excellent job satisfaction.

Generally speaking, marketing analysts work for a large number of companies. Whether they work for a small, boutique company, or a multinational corporation, marketing research is a vital component of their operations.

Marketing analysts are responsible for gathering data about consumer preferences and buying habits. They also develop marketing strategies for various media channels. They must have both analytical and creative skills to excel in this field.


Typically, a marketing analyst will have a bachelor’s degree or higher. In addition to that, some positions may require further qualifications, such as certification.

The job duties of a marketing analyst can vary depending on the organization, but the job will typically involve analyzing data, conducting research, and preparing reports.

Marketing Analyst Job Description

Marketing analysts are a key part of any marketing team. They are responsible for analyzing customer and end market data and identifying opportunities for growth.

As part of their job description, marketing analysts also manage and coordinate the production of marketing collateral, such as emails, brochures, and newsletters. This includes editing, laying out text, and adding graphical elements.

The key to success in this role is good communication and collaboration. They work in tandem with other team members to ensure that all marketing materials are properly distributed.

A Marketing Analyst is required to use quantitative and qualitative data to inform marketing strategy. They also monitor marketing initiatives to determine how well they are aligned with business objectives.

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They must also have strong analytical and creative skills to be effective in this role. This role is one of the most dynamic and challenging positions in marketing.

Marketing analysts analyze data from various sources and produce reports that provide key insights to companies. These reports often include information about growth areas and trends.

They also develop brand strategies based on their findings. They also research client acquisition methods and identify inefficient spots in marketing funnels that could lead to more conversions.

Quantfury Company

If you’re interested in Marketing Analyst jobs in Canada, consider applying for a position with the Quantfury Company. This high-performing company has an outstanding culture that requires employees to outperform expectations.

As the company continues to grow, they are looking for individuals with solid financial trading infrastructure and trading domain experience to join their growing team.

Applicants must be self-motivated and willing to embrace rapid growth, while maintaining a high level of reliability in day-to-day duties.

What Does Marketing Analyst Do

Hiring Organization Quantfury
Post Name Marketing Analyst
Qualification 3+ years of work experience in data analysis for a performance marketing agency or in-house marketing team. A finTech background is a plus
Industry Private
Employment Type Part-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $115000 Annually
Location Toronto, ON, Canada 66777

A marketing analyst is a professional who analyzes data to provide companies with key insights. They do this by identifying trends, patterns and key success factors in a particular industry.

These insights are derived from hard data as well as customer psychology and behavior. As a result, these individuals often have a variety of skills and responsibilities.

Marketing analysts use various types of software to gather and analyze data. As such, it is important to choose a degree program that will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge for the role.

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Common skills required for this role include using business intelligence software, information retrieval software, and search software.

A marketing analyst’s responsibilities include analyzing marketing analytics and supporting outreach programs. They also work with the design team to develop marketing collateral.

They help create and align marketing processes and work closely with other marketing staff members to ensure the material is properly distributed. In this role, effective communication skills are crucial.

Skills For Marketing Analyst

One of the best ways to improve your job prospects and boost your salary is to further develop your skills as a marketing analyst. You can do so by acquiring additional education or by taking advantage of volunteer opportunities.

This way, you can prepare yourself for the next promotion or job opening. It is also a good idea to educate yourself on the duties of a marketing analyst, and to update your resume with relevant skills and experience.

Marketing analyst jobs require strong analytical and creative skills. The ideal candidate has a Bachelor’s degree in business administration or another related field, with some relevant experience in sales and marketing.

They also need to be self-motivated and have excellent planning and organizational skills. In addition to the above qualifications, they must possess the right attitude to succeed in this role.

As a marketing analyst, you must have a high level of communication skills and be able to communicate effectively with non-technical people. Marketing analyst salaries vary widely by region and industry, and certain skills are more highly valued than others.

Marketing Analyst Requirements

Marketing Analysts are responsible for cultivating a market through the placement of products or services and developing marketing strategies through different media. These positions require strong analytical skills as well as creativity and insight.

This is one of the most dynamic and challenging jobs available. You will be responsible for analyzing a variety of data sources and providing key insights to companies to help them make better business decisions.

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Employment prospects for marketing analysts vary according to their location. While there are a number of job opportunities for marketing analysts in Canada, they are not guaranteed to be in the same industry.

Marketing Analyst Career Path

If you’re interested in a career as a marketing analyst, there are many options for you to consider. For starters, you can get your bachelor’s degree, which will open the door to entry-level marketing research and analysis jobs.

However, if you want to move up the career ladder, you might want to take more specialized courses to enhance your skills.

In this field, you will analyze data and report results to companies. This includes data on market size, opportunity, distribution channels, and key success factors within an industry. This work requires creative thinking and analytical skills.

This career path can also lead to advanced certifications and advanced degrees. For instance, you may want to get a master’s degree in business or social science.

As the field of marketing continues to grow, there are plenty of opportunities to advance your career. Marketing analyst positions can be obtained by new graduates or those who have been in the industry for several years.

The amount of opportunities is limited only by your education and experience. Marketing analysts can work in a variety of industries.

Salary For Marketing Analyst

Marketing analyst jobs are in demand and can offer competitive salaries. These professionals analyze the market and conduct research. Typically, they work on many projects at once and coordinate multiple communication channels.

Their remuneration can vary based on their education, certifications, additional skills, and years of experience.

In Canada, the average salary for a marketing analyst is $61,388 per year or $31.48 per hour. Starting salaries for marketing analysts are usually around $46,800 per year and the highest-paid professionals can earn up to $83,210 a year.

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