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Marketing Manager Jobs in Canada

The average expected annual pay for a Marketing Manager in Canada is C$64,834. However, 30% of marketing managers earn less. Here are the qualifications and location requirements for these positions. You can choose which job is right for you by reading on. We also provide salary information for these positions. If you want to start your career as a Marketing Manager, read on!


If you have experience as a marketing manager and are seeking a new challenge, Canada is a wonderful destination. This country offers handsome salaries for qualified applicants. Marketing manager jobs require a combination of education, hands-on experience, and technical skills. If you’re not a Canadian citizen, you can learn marketing management in Canada through the BCPNP Program. You will need to have experience in the field of marketing and be very creative. You should also be a strong communicator, have excellent communication skills, and be able to manage multiple projects at once.

The job of marketing manager requires you to identify appropriate markets for a company’s products and services, implement marketing campaigns, and analyze results to develop the best strategy for the company. Marketing managers lead teams and departments that work together to reach target audiences with the right message at the right time. Marketing managers also monitor trends and determine when to react to them. Using analytics, marketing managers help companies develop strategies that will help them maximize profits.

A successful candidate will have a thorough understanding of marketing and advertising principles. They will also have strong analytical and writing skills. They may have previous experience as a marketing manager, sales representative, or public relations specialist. They will likely have a degree in business or marketing, but many employers also accept graduates with previous work experience in the field. If you don’t have any marketing experience, you can earn an online degree program in business at Fremont University. The program lasts 15 months.

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An MBA in marketing or related courses will boost your career opportunities. This program will equip you with skills and knowledge in interactive marketing, consumer behavior, and search engine optimization. A graduate of such a program will be well-equipped to take on many different marketing assignments. A marketing manager’s resume will stand out among a group of marketing professionals. A marketing manager’s job duties are often broad and varied, which means that it is important to have strong computer skills.


The average salary for a marketing manager in Canada is nearly 80,000 CAD. This is 8% more than the average for all jobs. While the average salary will vary by company, you should be aiming to be in the middle of this range. Read on for more details. Listed below are the most popular salaries for marketing managers in Canada. You may also want to consider other job categories as well. Here are some general job descriptions:

A marketing manager in Canada can earn between $60,000 CAD and $80,000. This figure is based on surveys conducted by Indeed. The salary information for marketing managers is based on data derived from the ERI. It takes into account the cost of labor, housing, and gasoline, and effective income tax rates. The salary of a marketing manager is expected to increase by 16.7% over five years.

Job satisfaction

The job of a marketing manager combines planning, coordinating, and evaluating marketing campaigns. While the former requires a high level of technical knowledge, the latter also relies on soft skills and excellent communication skills to improve the performance of a team. The highest job satisfaction rating for a marketing manager is four out of five, but the salary and work-life balance are often poor. Aside from this, many employees are dissatisfied with their job description and lack of career progression opportunities.

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Compared to other occupations, marketing managers in Canada have a high rate of job satisfaction. The job requires collaboration among multiple teams, making strategic and tactical decisions based on profit projections, customer experience, industry trends, and company goals. A marketing manager’s responsibilities include working with diverse technical, business, and technical teams. As such, the job is challenging but rewarding. Job satisfaction for marketing manager jobs in Canada is also high, as the average person in this position has high job satisfaction and enjoys their work.


Marketing manager jobs can be found across Canada, with Montreal as the leading hub for social media and marketing. Marketing managers, digital marketing specialists, and coordinators are all available in Canada, and the jobs listed below often change. Locations of marketing manager jobs in Canada vary considerably, but in general, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal are the most popular choices. In each of these cities, marketing managers are employed by a wide range of companies and organizations.

The location of marketing manager jobs in Canada is a key factor in the job market for those with an international background. Marketing specialists with experience abroad are more likely to be hired by multinational companies in Canada. However, they must have strong French and English language skills. As a result, marketing workers often score highly on education tests. This can open doors for them. Locations of marketing manager jobs in Canada are ranked by the number of employees in each location.

Education required

The Job Bank of Marketing Managers in Canada contains listings of the skills and educational requirements for Marketing Managers. You may also want to join the Canadian Marketing Association to advance your marketing career. A college diploma and a marketing representative’s experience are the minimum requirements for this position. A bachelor’s degree in marketing is also beneficial to get a job in this field. Alternatively, you can work as a marketing representative and gain experience in the marketing field.

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The average annual salary of a marketing manager in Vancouver is between $60,000 and $65,000. However, you can earn up to 80,000$ per year in Etobicoke, ON.

A marketing manager must also possess excellent communication skills and be a creative thinker. Once you have obtained your degree, it is crucial to join professional associations to ensure that you’re working towards a career in the industry.

A bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field is required to become a marketing manager. Some employers prefer MBA candidates, but they’ll accept applicants with relevant experience. While any bachelor’s degree in marketing is sufficient for an entry-level position, many employers prefer candidates with some work experience. Further, a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related discipline may be necessary to obtain a position as a marketing manager in Canada.

As a marketing manager, you’ll be responsible for building a customer base for a company’s products and services. You’ll be collaborating with a product development manager and a market research team to achieve this. The majority of marketing manager jobs require travel. Online job guides are helpful in preparing for the work market. The Canadian Marketing Association has more information about the education required for marketing manager jobs.


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