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Office Administrator Jobs in the USA


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Office Administrator Jobs in the USA

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Office Administrator Jobs in the USA


If you are looking for an office administrator job, you may be wondering what this job entails. There are several different duties of this role, and some of them are listed below. These administrators help to run the office by answering queries and ensuring that the business runs smoothly.

They also organize meetings, record minutes, and order office supplies. Some offices even employ an administrative professional within each department, who acts as a department coordinator.

These administrators may have different job titles, such as administrative assistant, administrative coordinator, or office manager.

Office Administrator Job Openings

An office administrator must have a high school diploma or a GED certification, and 2 years of work experience. They should also have experience in Microsoft Office and be proficient in Excel, Outlook, and Access.

They must also be able to multitask and possess good time management skills. In addition, they must have good communication skills.


An office administrator’s responsibilities include overseeing administrative staff and completing administrative tasks. They may also be responsible for managing supplies and equipment.

In addition, they may also perform bookkeeping tasks. In addition to being responsible for running a company, an office administrator plays an essential role in a business, ensuring it runs smoothly.

Office Administrator Job Description

An office administrator job description in the USA includes a variety of duties. These duties include tracking client accounts, preparing invoices, copying internal documents, and scheduling appointments.

The job also involves supervising a team and overseeing their activities. This position requires a high level of detail-orientedness and a positive attitude.

In general, an office administrator is responsible for keeping the office organized and ready for work. They may also be responsible for greeting visitors and routing them to the proper employee for further assistance.

The role also requires excellent interpersonal communication skills and the ability to use a variety of office equipment.

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Jobot Company


The Jobot Company is a leading tech recruiting company that recently opened its doors in Orange County, California. The company specializes in recruitment and has developed a revolutionary career platform.

The company’s main office is located in Irvine, California, and it has additional offices in Boston, Massachusetts, and Cincinnati, Ohio. In the past, Jobot has advertised 100% remote and full-time positions, as well as positions in healthcare, accounting, and project management.

Jobot is a recruiting platform that brings together artificial intelligence and the expertise of a team of recruitment experts. The company has over a thousand clients across a variety of industries.

The proprietary software that Jobot uses allows it to match job seekers with companies in a matter of seconds. As a result, it saves the clients a great deal of time and produces more quality hires.

The company is committed to its values, which are integrated into all aspects of operations. As a result, team members take their work seriously and believe in kindness and transparency.

They are also highly valued by the leadership of the company, which fosters a culture of teamwork and mutual respect. Employee benefits include health coverage, profit-sharing opportunities, and career development opportunities.

Office Administrator Job Duties

Hiring Organization Jobot
Post Name Office Administrator
Qualification We are seeking an energetic, customer-focused, multi-tasker to help maintain the business functions of our local CPA firm.
Industry Private
Employment Type Full Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $20 to $24 Per Hour
Location Los Angeles, CA, USA 90312

An office administrator’s job includes a variety of administrative duties such as organizing and maintaining files, overseeing an administrative staff, and developing office procedures.

Office administrators also supervise and train employees. They must also handle reception functions such as answering phones and welcoming visitors.

Ultimately, the administrator has to be able to maintain a high level of efficiency and productivity. Additionally, they must be able to resolve conflicts when they arise, as well as maintain accurate records. Office administrators may also be responsible for supervising the office cleaning crew.

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Office administrators often report to senior-level office staff. They must have a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree. They must also have two years of relevant work experience.

They must be knowledgeable about Microsoft Office Suite, including Excel, Outlook, Access, and Word. Good interpersonal communication skills are also essential to an office administrator.

What Is The Work Of Office Administrator?

An office administrator is in charge of many different tasks, including preparing invoices, maintaining databases, and scheduling meetings. They may also handle travel arrangements for company personnel.

They also take care of the office equipment and update records. Depending on the type of office, an office administrator may also manage multiple projects.

Office Administrators typically hold a high school diploma or a degree in secretarial studies. While a bachelor’s degree is not required for the standard job duties, most employers prefer a candidate with at least an associate’s degree.

Since the position is not an entry-level position, most employers want to see that the candidate has experience using office software and standard office procedures.

Office administrators are expected to be good communicators and possess strong organizational skills. They must also be patient and have a keen sense of time management.

They must also have excellent computer skills and be able to answer emails and input data. A strong eye for detail is also an important attribute.

An office administrator’s salary can vary a great deal. In the USA, the average salary for an office administrator varies greatly depending on experience and education.

An office administrator’s duties vary widely, but they generally involve improving the efficiency and productivity of office staff and managing conflict within the office environment.

Office administrators also have to supervise employees, plan and coordinate events, and keep them motivated. In addition, office administrators must also be skilled in bookkeeping.

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Office Administrator Responsibilities

The Office Administrator is a vital part of a business, supporting daily operations and promoting the corporate image. They also work as a liaison between management and employees.

They are responsible for maintaining processes that keep office supplies and files organized and accessible, and coordinating all office activities. An Office Administrator must be able to work under pressure and shift focus rapidly.

Office administrators have many responsibilities, but a few of the more common ones are as follows: They coordinate meetings and appointments, supervise employees, and maintain office supplies.

They also perform bookkeeping functions, manage personnel needs, and train staff. They must also be proficient with computers and ERP software.

Office administrators in the USA typically earn slightly more than administrative assistants. While office administrators are responsible for office functions, administrative assistants are responsible for the clerical aspects of a business.

They may not be responsible for greeting customers, but they may be responsible for booking travel and reservations and running errands for other executive team members. Office Administrators typically work for one supervisor.

Office Administrator Salary

Office Administrator salary in the USA varies from state to state. The average salary ranges from $31,196 per year for an entry-level position to $36,505 per year for an experienced Office Administrator.

While there are many factors that influence salary, there are some trends that can help you determine how much an Office Administrator will earn. Education, experience, and location all play a role in the compensation.

Higher education will increase your income potential, and you may qualify for a promotion. If you are an experienced Office Administrator, you may also be able to supervise junior Office Administrators, which will increase your chances of earning more.

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