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Registered Nurse Jobs in Canada

The job outlook for nurses in Canada is much better than for many other occupations. To start your search, create a list of nursing homes and hospitals in your area. Make a list of public health agencies and traveling nurse agencies, as well.

If you’re new to the profession, use LinkedIn or professional organizations to identify insiders within the organization, including peers and senior staff. Then, develop open-ended questions for them to answer.

Urgent Recruitment for Registered Nurse

With a relatively robust health care system, Canada is an attractive destination for qualified international candidates. Typically, nursing jobs in remote communities are highly sought after. These positions require specialized skills and experience.

To apply, you must be a registered nurse. In Canada, a registered nurse’s experience is a major asset. For example, a registered nurse with expertise in cancer treatment may be sought after. Or, you might have expertise in resuscitation.

If you’ve studied nursing in a foreign country, you’ll be delighted to know that there’s a growing demand for qualified nurses in Canada. The country has an extensive network of health care facilities, and its population is growing at a fast pace. As such, efforts have been made to attract and retain a qualified nursing workforce.

Job Descriptions

When looking for a Registered Nurse job in Canada, it is important to consider all aspects of the position. Registered nurses typically work in hospitals, where they report to the Nurse Manager. This person will receive patient assignments and perform related tasks. Registered nurses also do research related to nursing.

In Canada, there are many job opportunities for RNs, and the aging population is adding to the demand for skilled workers. In addition to hospitals, many RNs work in community settings, such as health centers, assisted-care facilities, and community health agencies.

In the future, this trend may lead to more hospital jobs in Canada. However, the demand for registered nurses is expected to remain steady for a while.

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In general, Registered Nurses perform a variety of duties, including providing direct nursing care to patients. They may also provide health education, consult with physicians, or perform surgeries. In Canada, there are numerous jurisdictions that have created specific position descriptions for nurses working in primary care.

However, many of these nurses do not realize their potential. There is always room for improvement in this profession and a career as a Registered Nurse in Canada can help you realize your goals.

International Recruiting Company

Interested in Registered Nurse jobs in Canada? Then, you must first know the requirements to work in Canada. The country’s health care infrastructure has made it possible for nurses from all over the world to work with excellent salaries.

Furthermore, nurses in Canada are entitled to flexible working hours, a handsome salary, and even free tuition. Then, you must get a work permit for your stay in Canada, and after a few years, you can even apply for permanent residency.

The nursing profession in Canada is highly coveted and the demand for qualified nurses is high. So, if you are a nurse from any other country, consider Canada as your destination for a Registered Nurse job.

A full-service international nursing recruitment agency is sourcing jobs for registered nurses in Canada, this company also matches nurses in need of work.

Whether you are looking for a nursing job in Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, or anywhere else, this company will help you find a suitable job. Its nurses will take on temporary assignments for the hospitals in those cities.

Job Details

Hiring Organization International Recruiting
Post Name Registered Nurse
Qualification RN Graduate of an accredited school of nursing
Industry Healthcare
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $84,000 to $110,000 Annually
Location Toronto, ON, Canada 66777


Besides providing direct patient care, registered nurses also engage in research and health education. They are skilled in holistic care, advanced critical thinking, leadership, multidisciplinary teamwork, and employee health education.

Visiting nurse: Visiting nurses provide care in the home of a client. They perform physical assessments, provide symptom control, and participate in health education programs. They also provide enterostomal care, teach health-related topics, and counsel patients and their families.

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Registered nurses are responsible for providing appropriate care within the scope of practice and quality management. In addition, they must ensure safe teaching, assign tasks appropriately, and delegate tasks to other health workers.


If you’re considering becoming a registered nurse in Canada, there are a few prerequisites that you will need to meet. These skills include the NCLEX-RN and the CPNRE exams. Canada offers a golden opportunity for nurses looking to expand their scope of practice.

Canada also offers good salaries, regulated holiday periods, and an extensive list of other benefits. To become a registered nurse in Canada, you must complete a certification exam administered by the College of Nurses.

After you graduate from a nursing program, you can apply to the College of Nurses. This licensing process is expensive and often takes several years. Therefore, it is highly advisable to prepare beforehand.

In addition to studying the required curriculum, a student should consider learning the official language. Learning the language will help you in your job search.


The role of a registered nurse varies greatly in Canada, but most of these professionals work in health care organizations. They provide direct nursing care to patients, teach health education, consult with physicians, and perform administrative duties.

Whether you work in an academic institution or a public health organization, you can choose your position based on your interests. Here are some of the most common responsibilities of a registered nurse in Canada.

A registered nurse is a vital member of the health care system. Their job responsibilities are varied, from providing direct care to monitoring patient care, developing and implementing treatment plans, supervising nursing staff, and managing the budget.

Depending on the specialty area, a registered nurse may also perform research and advocacy work on behalf of patients, contribute to policy creation, and serve as an educator. They are also responsible for educating patients and community members on health care and disease prevention.

A registered nurse job in Canada requires a license, which is essential to operate in the country. The license gives the nurse the opportunity to work in the country and upgrade their nursing practice.

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While working in Canada, some nurses find financial benefits from the work, such as the ability to work in remote areas with a shortage of qualified health professionals. For instance, a registered nurse who works in a remote area may find themselves working in a city that has few health professionals.

Job Benefits

Working as a registered nurse in Canada has many advantages. Not only do you get to work in one of the leading healthcare systems in the world, but you will also enjoy a comfortable salary and access to social benefits.

Furthermore, working in Canada means that you can live anywhere in the country without worrying about your salary. It is also a wonderful country to live in with good working conditions and excellent protection of your civil rights.

What’s more, the healthcare industry in Canada is growing rapidly, and you can earn a great living in this country. As with most nursing jobs in Canada, there are numerous job opportunities to be found. There are positions available in hospitals, nursing homes, and charitable organizations, as well as in the home.


A Registered Nurse can earn anywhere from $57,459 per year to $100,000 per year in Canada. Clinical nurse specialists and advanced nurse practitioners earn even more. Nurses at every level also get incremental raises for working on call, completing extracurricular activities, and undergoing training.

Salary for registered nurse jobs in Canada varies depending on experience and education level. An experienced RN earns an average of $70,998 per year or $36.41 per hour.

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