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Roofing Jobs in Canada- Urgent Vacancies!!!


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Roofing Jobs in Canada- Urgent Vacancies!!!

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Roofing Jobs in Canada

Roofing is one of Canada’s top paying and most in-demand jobs. The industry is looking to hire people due to expansion and replacement demand. Roofers and shinglers install, repair or replace flat roofs, and shingles, shakes or other roofing tiles on sloped roofs. They work for roofing and general contractors, or they may be self-employed.

Get Roofing Jobs

The construction industry has never had a more difficult time finding skilled labor than it does today. Despite record employment, it’s not easy to find employees with the skills and dedication to perform the job at hand.

The roofing industry is no exception to this rule. Whether you’re in the residential or commercial business, hiring new roofing crew members can be a challenge.


The best way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your recruitment efforts is to be strategic and targeted. For example, consider targeting local employment agencies and organizations that place veterans or promote women in roofing.

Also, tap into local apprenticeship and co-op work term opportunities. There are many high schools and community colleges across the country that incorporate such programs into their vocational training curriculums.

Roofers Job Description

Roofers install, repair, and replace roofs on residential and commercial buildings. They also inspect roofs and provide clients with estimates for labor and materials.

Roofing work requires a strong sense of safety and an ability to work in harsh weather conditions. You need to wear protective clothing that covers your body from environmental conditions and worksite accidents, as well as protect your hands from burns caused by the use of dangerous materials.

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You’ll also need a hard hat and eye protection while working with roofing materials and mechanical equipment. You’ll also need sturdy shoes and thick-soled boots to protect your feet from potential injury. A job as a roofer can be a great way to gain experience in the construction industry. This can prepare you for a variety of career paths.

Altitude Roofing Company

There’s no doubt that the Altitude Roofing Company, or as we like to call it, the best roofing company in town is a pillar of the community. Whether you’re looking for the latest and greatest in new roof designs, and repairs or just want to know a thing or two about your shingle, this crew of pros is here to help. The best part about it all is that we’ll show you the way for free!

Roofing Duties

Hiring Organization Altitude Roofing
Post Name Roofers
Qualification We are currently seeking to expand our teams with employees of all skill levels.
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary Attractive Salary
Location Pemberton, BC, Canada V0N 0A7

Roofing duties involve installing, replacing, and repairing roofs on all types of buildings. This includes both commercial and residential structures, including small businesses, schools, hospitals, data centres, and other large and important facilities. The work is physical and requires roofers to be able to climb high off the ground in order to install new roofs.

Whether you’re a self-employed roofer or you work for a building contractor, your duties include assessing the condition of a building’s roof and providing an estimate to a customer. You may also apply a waterproof coating or replace a roof entirely.

Another duty is to ensure the proper supply of materials for roofing jobs. This means keeping track of the amount of cement, shingles, and metal you need for a job. It can also mean restocking these supplies when needed.

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Other duties include creating cost estimations to match the requirements of new installations with market prices and finding more efficient ways to procure materials. For example, you might collaborate with other contractors or suppliers to make it easier to purchase roofing material at a low price.

This can save your clients money and help you win their business. As a roofer, you can also provide warranty information to make your clients feel secure about their building.

Roofer Skills

Roofers need to have a range of roofing skills to successfully complete their jobs. These include the ability to install, repair and maintain different types of roofing materials. They also need to be able to safely use ladders and scaffolding, as well as lift heavy materials.

As a roofer, you will work with a team of construction professionals to cover buildings and homes with insulation and sturdy waterproof surfaces. This can involve installing shingles, slate, shakes and other roofing materials on flat and sloped roofs.

You will typically work full time, but may need to do overtime during peak periods. In addition to installing new roofs, you may need to inspect existing roof systems and determine the extent of necessary repairs or replacements.

In addition to roofing skills, you will need a strong work ethic and the ability to get the job done on schedule. It’s important to be a strong team player when working with other construction professionals to ensure a high level of quality is maintained throughout the entire project.

Many provinces and territories offer apprenticeship programs for high school students to train them toward a career as a roofer. These programs require four 12-month periods of on-the-job training, three six-week blocks of technical training and a final certification exam.

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Roofer Job Requirements

Roofers install and repair roofs on a variety of buildings. They use materials like shingles and metal, but also conduct assessments and perform inspections that ensure they are working to code. They might give a client an estimate, apply a waterproof coating or replace a roof entirely.

You could choose to pursue a trade apprenticeship and become a certified roofing contractor. You may also opt for a college course in a related subject or get on-the-job training with a roofing company that’s reputable.

Although it isn’t mandatory, a roofer’s certification is the crown jewel of the industry. This is because it not only tells employers and other workers that you are a competent professional, but it can help you to find employment in your chosen field.

This is especially true if you plan to work your way up the ranks by earning an industry certificate of excellence. For example, the RCANS has a certification program that includes an extensive scavenger hunt to find the best and most up to date information on roofing practices in the province.

This is a great way to learn which roofing materials are right for you and your clients. With that knowledge in hand, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether or not to go for a career as a roofer in Canada.

How Much Roofers Get Paid

Roofing jobs are an important part of the construction industry. They require accuracy, occasional specialized work and the ability to work safely. Roofers install, repair or replace residential and commercial roofs. They also perform other duties related to roofing, such as coppersmithing and tinsmithing, installing skylights, metal ceilings and flashing.

A roofer’s pay depends on their title and experience level. A journeyman roofer gets paid more than an apprentice. It also depends on the sector in which they work: light residential jobs pay less than industrial, institutional or commercial ones. The average roofer in Canada earns around $51,657 per year or $26.49 per hour. Their salary increases as they gain experience or change employers.

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