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Factory Worker Jobs in Canada

A factory worker is needed by a manufacturing company in order to manufacture goods for the consumer market. They must have a high school diploma, be physically fit, understand strict health and safety regulations, drive a car, have good work ethics, and be willing to put in long hours. In order to find employment as a factory worker in Canada, you need to meet certain qualifications.

Urgent Recruitment for Factory Worker

If you’re interested in working in a factory, you should know that there are a number of jobs available in Canada. Factory workers are the backbone of most manufacturing and production ventures.

They can be found in almost any major city in the country. Some of the most common jobs include raw materials on the assembly line, quality control on completed goods, set-up and comment thread, and a variety of other positions.

To apply for a factory job, you need to follow a detailed application process. You can apply online, by phone, or by mail. Before applying, make sure to check the job description carefully and understand the requirements of the position.

Most companies in Canada hire factory workers via an online form, so make sure to read all the information carefully. You’ll need to submit a CV or cover letter as well as your contact details.

The Canadian manufacturing industry is a growing market and many of the companies hiring factory workers are located in large Canadian cities. These companies are hiring both unskilled and skilled workers.

Job Descriptions

Factory workers are responsible for processing items and products according to specified specifications. Their duties also include checking inventory levels, maintaining a clean working environment, and reporting damaged or defective machines.

These employees need to be detail-oriented and able to work well in teams. They also need to have previous experience and a good understanding of how production tools work. In addition, they must be able to maintain an assembly line, meet production targets, and adhere to strict health and safety standards.

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Factory worker job applications can be submitted online or via mail. To apply, read the job description carefully and complete the application form. Most factories hire their workers through online applications, which require the applicant to fill out personal information, education, previous work experience, and a CV or cover letter.

Many factory worker jobs are part-time and require good English and math skills. Canada is a desirable destination for factory workers, as its welcoming nature attracts hundreds of thousands of migrants each year.

Tootsi Impex inc. Company

Tootsi Impex Inc. is an international company that is looking to hire factory workers in Canada. They are in need of workers with experience in food processing. Their factory is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Job Details

Hiring Organization Tootsi Impex inc.
Post Name Factory Worker
Qualification Someone who’s able to stay active and handle a fast pasted environment for the entire shift
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary CA$17.75 Hourly
Location Montreal, QC, Canada H4W


Factory worker jobs are common in Canada and can range from full-time to part-time. Generally, factory workers operate in manufacturing facilities and stores and are responsible for a large volume of output.

They need to be fit, able to stand for extended periods of time and be within certain weight restrictions. They also need to follow health and safety practices.

Those interested in these jobs must have a high school diploma or equivalent. In addition, they must be physically fit and be able to stand and walk for long periods. They should also be able to understand basic math problems and follow safety procedures.

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In addition, factory workers must be skilled in quality assurance of finished products and have a thorough knowledge of manufacturing equipment.


If you are looking for a factory worker job, you may be interested in Canada, a country with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world. There are thousands of factories across Canada looking for new employees.

As such, the country offers great opportunities for factory workers, with benefits and perks that will benefit both the employer and the employee.

To work in a factory, you will need specific skills. These skills will vary depending on the particular type of factory that you are applying to. For example, if you are looking for jobs in the food industry, you will need to know how to properly handle knives. You will also need to be well-versed in the culture of the company you are working for.

Factory workers are responsible for processing products according to specifications and instructions, and also maintaining clean manufacturing floors.

Other duties may include checking inventory and reporting defective machines. These jobs are also highly demanding in terms of physical activity and responsibility, and require excellent synergy skills.


The responsibilities of a Factory Worker in Canada include following the rules and regulations for the manufacturing process. They are responsible for maintaining a safe and clean work area, processing items according to specifications, and ensuring that the production line meets a certain output level.

These jobs often involve a wide range of duties and may involve full-time or part-time working hours. They usually work in a production house or warehouse.

Other responsibilities of a Factor Worker include cleaning, sorting, packing, weighing, and other laboring activities. They also assist machine operators and assemblers. They must be able to work under pressure, have excellent oral and written communication skills, and be reliable and punctual.

There are many factories in Canada looking for workers. You can apply for one of these jobs if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

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Job Benefits

Factory worker jobs are available all over the world, and the salaries are usually good. The job also requires a lot of physical fitness and adherence to factory rules and regulations. Many employers also require drug testing.

Factory workers are required to possess a secondary education, be physically fit, and have good math skills. In addition, they must be able to follow safety rules and regulations.

However, the benefits of these jobs are many and can be highly rewarding. As long as you can meet these requirements, you should have no problem securing a factory worker job.

Factory workers often work in sterile environments and operate machinery to make different products. Their jobs also include product sorting, quality control, and packaging.

They can also work in the pharmaceutical and dairy processing industries. Other duties include removing defective products and maintaining a sterile processing environment in a factory.


The average salary for factory worker jobs in Canada is approximately $30,225 per year or $15.50 per hour. Salaries are based on years of experience and the type of company. For example, entry-level positions start at $27,300 per year and the most experienced workers can earn up to $39,000 per year.

The minimum wage for factory workers in Canada is $14.85 per hour, and many workers work shifts to accommodate their busy schedules.

Factory worker jobs in Canada are available on both a temporary and permanent basis. These positions can be full or part-time.

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