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The 4 Best and Worst Cities for Finding Jobs in the UK


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The 4 Best and Worst Cities for Finding Jobs in the UK

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The 4 Best and Worst Cities for Finding Jobs in the UK

Looking for a job can be challenging, especially when you factor in where you’ll be living. If you’re in the UK or planning to relocate to the UK, the city you choose can make or break your job hunt. Some cities are brimming with opportunities, while others might leave you high and dry. This listicle will tour the best and worst cities to find jobs in the UK, so be prepared!

The 4 Best Cities for Finding Jobs in the UK

When it comes to job hunting in the UK, some cities have extra features that make them stand out from the crowd. These places are bursting with opportunities, from major corporations to thriving startups. Whether you’re a fresh-faced graduate or a seasoned pro, these cities have your back when landing your dream job. So, let’s explore the best job markets in the UK!

1. London

This bustling metropolis is the economic heartbeat of the UK, and job opportunities abound. London has a little something for everyone from finance to tech, media to marketing. Even the King is looking to hire new footmen.


Best and Worst Cities for Finding Jobs in the UK: A picture showing a city view of Manchester, UK.With major players like the City of London, Canary Wharf, and Silicon Roundabout, you’d be hard-pressed not to find a gig that fits your skills. Salaries aren’t bad either, especially if you land a role in big-hitting industries like banking or law. Just be prepared to fork out an arm and a leg for rent—London living doesn’t come cheap, mate.

Key industries: Finance, tech, media, legal, tourism

Average Salary: £41,953 per year

Driving growth: FinTech, digital marketing, creative industries

3. Manchester

If London is a bit too expensive for your taste, why not give Manchester a try? This northern powerhouse has been up and up in recent years, with a job market hotter than a curry from Rusholme’s famous Curry Mile.

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Manchester is not successful in only one area—it has a diverse range of industries making waves. The tech scene is booming, with major players like BBC and ITV leading the charge in media and digital media. Big finance companies like RBS and Barclays are also setting up shops. And let’s not forget about healthcare—some of the best hospitals in the country are right here.

Salaries are pretty decent, too, especially in tech and finance, where you can easily pull in over 40 grand. But the real draw? Manchester’s buzzing entrepreneurial vibe will make you itching to start your venture. With affordable living costs and a great quality of life, it’s no wonder startups are flocking here in droves.

Key industries: Tech, media, finance, healthcare

Average Salary: £37,500 per year

3. Birmingham

You can’t talk about the best job markets in the UK without giving a shout-out to Birmingham. This city means business, quite literally! As the second-largest city in the country, Birmingham is a major hub for all things finance, manufacturing, and professional services.

Birmingham has more industrial companies than any other region. Big names like Jaguar Land Rover and Cadbury’s keep the manufacturing scene alive and kicking. But it doesn’t stop there—the financial district is booming, too, with impressive skyscrapers housing major banks and advisory firms.

If numbers are your thing, you’ll be pleased to know that Birmingham’s workforce is growing rapidly. Thanks to billions poured into regeneration projects and new business developments, jobs are sprouting up left, right, and center. And the salaries? They’re pretty tasty, especially if you secure a role in finance or consultancy.

Key industries: Manufacturing, automotive, finance, professional services

Average Salary: £32,766 per year

Major investments fueling growth: HS2 rail project, Paradise Birmingham development.

4. Bristol

Bristol should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a city with cool vibes, great job prospects, and a cracking quality of life. This vibrant southwestern city is killing it on all fronts!

First, Bristol is an absolute hotbed for creativity and innovation. The tech and digital scene is thriving, with major players like Nvidia, Amazon, and FTSE 100 companies setting up shop. But it doesn’t stop there—aerospace, media, and finance are huge employment drivers.

Best and Worst Cities for Finding Jobs in the UK: A picture showing a group of workers in UK office.What’s not to love about working in a city that constantly tops the charts for being one of the most desirable places to live in the UK? You’ve got stunning architecture, a renowned food scene, and loads of green spaces on your doorstep. And let’s not forget the salaries – they’re attractive, especially in those booming tech and finance sectors.

So, if you’re looking to land your dream job while enjoying an epic work-life balance, Bristol could be the place for you. The jobs are plentiful, the vibes are immaculate, and you’ll make enough to comfortably afford that active city center flat.

Key industries: Tech, digital, aerospace, media, finance

Average Salary: £37,030 per year.

Major employers: Nvidia, Amazon, Airbus, BBC, Hargreaves Lansdown.

The 4 Worst Cities for Finding Jobs in the UK

While some cities in the UK are brimming with career opportunities, others…well, let’s say the job market there is drier than a brewery after a beer shortage. If you find yourself hunting for work in these unlucky locales, brace yourself—it’s going to be a rough ride.

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These cities have had their fair share of employment woes, from industrial decline to economic stagnation. Competition for roles is high, and job seekers often find themselves feeling like a kid in a candy store…with no pocket money. But fear not, we’re going to discuss the details, giving you the plain truth about the toughest job markets in the UK. Who knows, maybe you’ll uncover a hidden gem or two amidst the rubble!

1. Sunderland

Job hunting in Sunderland can feel like a proper uphill battle. This northeastern city has had its fair share of economic challenges, with unemployment rates higher.

Once a thriving industrial powerhouse, Sunderland has taken some serious blows over the years. The decline of shipbuilding, coal mining, and manufacturing industries has left many locals out of work and scrambling for opportunities. Even the mighty Nissan plant hasn’t been immune, with job cuts looming.

It’s not all bad, though. The local council has been working hard to attract new businesses and investment, but progress has been slow. There are pockets of hope in sectors like call centers, logistics, and renewable energy, but competition for roles is fierce.

Best and Worst Cities for Finding Jobs in the UK: A picture showing two waste workers in the UKIf you find yourself job hunting in Sunderland, be prepared to get rough. It might take serious persistence and think outside the box, but rewarding opportunities can be found if you’re willing to dig deep. Don’t expect an easy ride—this city will test your hustle.

Key declining industries: Manufacturing, shipbuilding, coal mining

Unemployment rate: 4%

Efforts for growth: Attracting renewable energy firms, business parks

2. Middlesbrough

If you thought Sunderland’s job market was rough, wait, you hear about Middlesbrough. This northeastern town has been dealt a raw deal when it comes to employment opportunities.

Once an industrial powerhouse known for its thriving steel and shipbuilding industries, Middlesbrough took a massive hit when those sectors went inoperative. Factories shuttered, jobs dried up, and the town floundered economically. Nowadays, deprivation and unemployment are common, with nearly one in five locals out of work.

The council has tried to breathe new life into the area by banking on logistics and renewable energy sectors. But let’s be real – attracting major investment to a town with such a battered reputation is an uphill battle.

That said, if you’ve got grit and determination in spades, there are glimmers of opportunity in Middlesbrough. Living costs are affordable, and enterprises like the TeesAMP business park are slowly creating jobs. Don’t expect an easy ride—you’ll need to be as tough as the steelworkers who built this town.

Key declining industries: Steel, shipbuilding

Unemployment rate: 5.1%

Glimmers of hope: Logistics, renewable energy, TeesAMP

3. Bradford

Are you looking at job hunting in Bradford? You’d better be prepared—it’s not going to be a smooth ride. This West Yorkshire city has been plagued by high unemployment and a struggling economy for years.

Let’s start with the facts: Bradford has some of the highest rates of joblessness and economic inactivity in the UK. A staggering 1 in 4 people here is out of work, which keeps climbing.

So, what’s behind Bradford’s dire job market? Well, it’s a perfect storm. The decline of traditional industries like textiles and manufacturing hit the city hard. Couple that with low skill levels, lack of investment, and a brain drain of young talent heading elsewhere, and you’ve got a recipe for employment woes.

But it’s not completely a case of lost hope. The local council has launched initiatives like the Get Bradford Working scheme to tackle the issue head-on. They’re investing in training, supporting start-ups, and doing their surprising best to lure businesses and create jobs. But let’s be real: Turning things around is an almighty challenge.

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If you find yourself job hunting in Bradford, be prepared for stiff competition and rejection. Having connections in the area or a niche skill set will certainly help. Otherwise, you might want to consider looking further afield for greener pastures.

Key issues: Decline of manufacturing, brain drain, low skills.

Unemployment rate: 5.4%

Initiatives: Get Bradford Working scheme and start-up support.

4. Blackpool

Blackpool is the good old seaside resort town known for its beaches, piers, and…well, not much else, job-wise. If you’re looking to make a living here, brace yourself for a seriously rough ride.

See, the problem with Blackpool is that its economy is painfully seasonal. The place is booming when those summer months roll around, with tourists flocking to the sandy shores and bright lights. Hotels and restaurants are full.

But once the sun starts setting earlier and the cooler winds roll in, Blackpool becomes a virtual ghost town. The tourists vanish, businesses shutter up for winter, and jobs are as scarce as plant foods at a hot dog eating contest.

Best and Worst Cities for Finding Jobs in the UK: A picture showing an empty Bradford city in the UK.Outside of hospitality and tourism, there’s little else in the way of career opportunities here. Manufacturing took a low turn ages ago, and efforts to diversify the local economy have been slow-going at best. Unless you’ve got connections or a serious niche skill set, good luck scoring a year-round gig.

The council has taken steps towards change, such as supporting digital startups and investing in the town center. But let’s be real—overhauling an economy so heavily reliant on a few short summer months won’t be easy.

If Blackpool is where you’ve laid down roots, maybe look into transferable skills that could land you remote work. Or, start dreaming of setting up that beachside bar you’ve always wanted! Owning your own business might be the answer in a place with such a dire job market.

Key issues: Seasonal economy, decline of manufacturing

Limited industries: Tourism, Hospitality

Efforts: Supporting startups and revitalizing the town center.



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