Production Worker Jobs in Canada

By | February 27, 2023

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 Production Worker Jobs in Canada

Production Worker jobs require you to work as part of a team of people in production units. You must make sure that the working environment is clean and that you meet minimum output levels.

The typical job involves manufacturing products in large quantities. You will often work shifts and can choose to work full-time or part-time. These jobs will usually take place in a warehouse or production house setting.

Urgent Recruitment for Production Worker

If you are looking for an Urgent Recruitment for Production Worker Jobs in the Canadian manufacturing sector, you have come to the right place. These jobs require high school diplomas, and the ability to work in a team and stand and walk for long periods of time.

They also must be able to solve simple problems and follow health and safety procedures. Most manufacturing and production companies employ factory workers and assistants.

To apply for these jobs, candidates should carefully review the job descriptions and application process. The most common way to apply for factory jobs in Canada is through an online form. Applicants should fill out the online form with personal data, educational background, previous job experience, and a cover letter.

Most major cities in Canada are hiring for these jobs. Moreover, these jobs are available for both local citizens and foreigners. These jobs are suitable for those who are looking for a full-time or part-time job.

Job Descriptions

A production worker’s job description highlights the skills and experience that an employer is looking for. This position requires an individual to use machinery and equipment to produce items, prepare them for shipping, and check their quality.

They also need to be able to maintain the production floor and workstation clean. They should be able to finalize products and remove any faulty products from the production line.

A production worker can work for a number of different companies and perform several different tasks. Depending on the type of production, a production worker may be responsible for performing quality assurance checks, material handling, packaging, and other elemental activities.

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They can be found working in factories, such as fruit and vegetable processing facilities and flour mills. They may also be required to work nights and weekends, as deadlines may require.

Production workers typically work in factories, where they operate machinery, assemble components, and finalize products. They may also work in warehouses, where they are responsible for monitoring raw materials and transferring finished products. They also help to keep the production area clean and orderly and follow health and safety regulations.

Workker Company

The Workker Company is a staffing agency that specializes in industrial positions. Its extensive network of clients allows it to offer the most competitive rates. The best part about using Workker is that you won’t have to spend time updating your resume; instead, your skills and experience will speak for themselves.

A production worker usually works 40 hours per week in a full-time position. Many production workers start out in entry-level positions and eventually move up.

They work under the direct supervision of a production manager and learn about the processes used by the employer. Although previous experience in a manufacturing environment is preferred, it is not a prerequisite.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Workker
Post Name Production Worker
Qualification Ability to attend work daily
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary CA$17 Hourly
Location Mississauga, ON, Canada  L4T 0A1


If you’re 18 or older and legally eligible to work in Canada, you may be interested in becoming a Production Worker. These workers are responsible for material handling, clean-up, packaging, and other elemental activities.

They work in meat plants, fruit and vegetable processing plants, flour mills, and other facilities that produce goods for the food and beverage industry. They also assist with process controls.

Production workers ensure that the manufacturing process is running smoothly by operating machinery and filling gaps in production. They also maintain production standards by reassembling machinery parts and maintaining a clean production area.

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They also work on production lines according to instructions and follow health and safety guidelines. They often work in a team with other tradespeople to complete projects.


Production worker jobs in Canada require a variety of skills and qualifications. These workers make goods for various industries such as construction, food, and pharmaceuticals. They may also work in engineering or construction.

Some of these positions require overtime. In addition, production workers often receive healthcare benefits, flexible working hours, and paid vacations. These positions are very rewarding, but they also require specialized training.

To improve your income, you can try changing jobs. You may be able to negotiate a higher salary with a new employer. You can also earn more by earning an advanced degree, if possible. This may also allow you to qualify for promotion opportunities. Furthermore, you can earn more by gaining management experience.

Before applying for a production worker job, you should know your educational background. You should have a secondary school diploma, at least. If possible, you should also have some experience in manufacturing.

Some factories require workers with previous experience in a manufacturing environment, while others require those who don’t.


There are many different jobs requiring production workers. These professionals create goods and parts in industries such as construction, food production, and pharmaceuticals. Their work requires them to be consistent and efficient.

They must also be able to keep a production line clean and in working order. In addition, these professionals must be able to identify and fix routine mechanical problems.

Responsibilities of production worker jobs include operating machines, following written instructions, performing quality inspections, and using standardized tools and processes.

Workers are also required to wear protective equipment to protect them from the elements and chemicals that make up products. They may also be required to work in an environment where noise is a common part of the day. Workers may also have to climb ladders and drive vehicles.

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Job Benefits

One of the main benefits of a production worker’s job is the pay. While this occupation doesn’t command the highest salary, the average wage for this type of position is $32,827 per year or $16.83 per hour. Entry-level positions typically start at $29,250 per year, and more experienced employees can make up to $40,948 per year.

Canada has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world, and there are thousands of factories constantly looking for new workers. This means that it’s a great place for production worker jobs, and it’s also a very welcoming country.


A production worker is an individual who is responsible for producing goods and services. They are hired in most major cities in Canada. A production worker’s salary can vary depending on their years of experience and the company in which they work.

However, an entry-level position typically pays around $29,000 per year. A more experienced worker can earn as much as $40,948 per year.

Factory workers are responsible for creating large quantities of goods. They must maintain a safe working environment and meet minimum output requirements.

They may also work shifts or choose to work full-time or part-time. Usually, they are employed in warehouses or production houses. The average salary for a production worker in Canada is around  $32,827 per year or $16.83 per hour.

As a production worker, you can advance to supervisory positions. With experience, you can work towards becoming an operations manager or a manufacturing manager. This position offers great growth opportunities, and the pay is competitive.

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