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Recruitment For Flight Attendants in Canada

When you think about a career in aviation, what do you think of when you hear the words “Recruitment for Flight Attendants in Canada”? Perhaps you think of the exciting possibilities that come with working for Air Canada.

In Canada, flight attendants are required to undergo a seven-week training program before they can be hired. While this program has no set end date, many applicants find it extremely rewarding. Getting a job as a commercial airline attendant is one of the best opportunities that await a person when he or she is ready to make a change in his or her career.


The airline industry is a highly competitive one, and there are several important qualifications that must be met. First and foremost, you must have a Canadian passport or Permanent Resident Card. Additionally, you must be over the age of twenty-one, and your height must be between five feet two inches and six feet three inches without shoes. You must also have a high school diploma and no visible tattoos.

When applying for a position with Air Canada, you must have at least a high school diploma, and customer service experience. It’s a plus if you are bilingual. You must also be at least 18 years old and a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident. Once hired, you will be subject to a medical check-up, and background checks to ensure that you are clean and clear. All airlines also require a background check, as well as medical and criminal history checks. Flight attendants must be physically fit. Air Canada, WestJet, and Jazz Aviation are some of the many training programs available.

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Before applying for a position as a flight attendant, you must create a strong resume that showcases your communication and customer service skills. You should include volunteer work as well as professional experience. Volunteer experience is particularly important for resumes, as most employers prefer candidates who have experience working with children. If you can, find volunteer work to include on your resume before applying. Working with children will prove valuable for your career as a flight attendant.

Education requirements

While there is no set education requirement for flight attendants in Canada, it is helpful to have a degree in tourism or a related field. The country does not regulate flight attendants, but most airlines in Canada require that you have a valid Canadian passport or permanent resident card. The University of Manitoba does not offer specialized flight attendant programs, but other universities in the country do. In addition, some airlines have pathway programs with post-secondary institutions.

Fluency in French and English is desirable. It is also helpful to have some experience in customer service, especially if you speak more than one language fluently. In addition to being fluent in the two official languages of Canada, applicants must also be fluent in another language. Speaking Spanish, French, or German are preferred languages, though a bilingual applicant is not necessary. In addition, you must be at least 18 years of age and have permanent residency in Canada. The requirements to become a flight attendant in Canada also vary from company to company.

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An associate or bachelor’s degree in public relations, hospitality, or tourism may make you more desirable to employers. Relevant work experience, such as in the hospitality industry, can also help you gain valuable customer service skills. Hotel work and customer service internships are also helpful. Basically, any job that requires you to interact with customers qualifies as a customer service experience.

Training program

Canadian airlines require that prospective employees have a valid Canadian passport or a Permanent Resident card. Flight attendants may also need to have a valid visa to fly to foreign countries, and the government must give them this visa if the flight requires them to travel abroad. The newly hired flight attendant in Canada must complete a training program approved by Transport Canada and pass a criminal background check. Transport Canada looks for red flags when reviewing the records of flight training agencies.

Before beginning an entry-level training program, prospective flight attendants must have a high school diploma or GED. If possible, applicants with undergraduate degrees in tourism, human relations, or communications will be viewed favorably by airlines. Previous experience in customer service positions is also a plus, as many airlines seek flight attendants with customer-service experience. Flight attendants must also possess excellent problem-solving skills and demonstrate excellent customer service skills.

A successful program will prepare flight attendants for the competitive world of the airline industry. It will provide essential Cabin Crew training, which is required by most major Canadian airlines. The program uses real tools and equipment, and instructors are working with Flight Attendants. Students will learn from working Flight Attendants who have been exposed to the latest in safety procedures. You would be more likely to receive a job with an airline in Canada if they go through a training program.

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Once you have completed your training program, you must create a professional resume that highlights your interpersonal skills. Include your volunteer experience in your resume. Volunteer experiences are highly regarded by potential employers. Volunteer experience in the community or in the workplace can help you stand out from the competition. Volunteer work is also advantageous for flight attendants. Volunteering experience with children is a great asset to any resume. Moreover, flight attendants need to have a good attitude and be friendly with children.



The highest educational requirement for a flight attendant is a high school diploma. Applicants with prior customer-service experience are preferred, but not necessary. Flight attendants must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid Canadian passport or Permanent Resident status. The airline will conduct an interview and conduct medical and criminal background checks on potential employees. Training is provided by the airline. Currently, Air Canada and WestJet offer seven-week training programs.

A Flight Attendant in Canada makes an average salary of $27,580 per year. The lowest-paid flight attendants can earn as low as $24,000 per year. If you’re looking for a stable job, there are plenty of opportunities available all over Canada. With good education and experience, you can earn a decent salary in Canada. But remember to do your research. You’ll be glad you did!



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